Gareth Walton

Assistant Manager at Birmingham

Gareth Walton, a PMT Expert

First instrument that you learnt to play?
The violin.

Current musical weapon of choice?
I have a guitar custom built to my spec and a 2006 Gibson Cherry Dot 335.

Your favourite guitar effects pedal that you own?
The JOYO US Dream Distortion, it's a clone of the Suhr Riot that I picked up for £10 but it's pretty amazing.

Favourite South Park episode?
My favourite South Park episodes are the Imagination Land trilogy, a bit of a cheat to choose three but they are hilarious!

What are your top 3 gigs that you’ve ever been to in order?
Number 3: The Neil Morse band with Beardfish in London Islington hall, I paid to see Beardfish the support act as they are pretty great proggers.
Number 2: Steel Panther, Motley Crüe and Def Leppard in Nottingham's Capital arena, an all-round great show that the Crüe definitely stole.
And Number 1: Snarky Puppy at the Hammersmith Apollo, an incredible night of musicianship from the best band around at the moment.

Most embarrassing gig moment?
Before I understood how they were powered, I once made a friend run to get me a battery for my electro-acoustic guitar at the shop (which was 15 minutes’ walk away) and when he got back I realised I didn't need it as it was only for the in-built tuner. Shame.