Chris Simpson-Savory

Guitar Expert at Birmingham

Chris Simpson-Savory, a PMT Expert

What was your first instrument?
My dad had an Aria Electro-Acoustic with plastic back and sides… I still have it 15 years on!

Who are three people or bands who have highly influenced you in music?
Gary Clark Jr., John Mayer, Matthew Bellamy of Muse.

What are your three favourite brands at PMT Birmingham?
Fender, BOSS and Epiphone.

What's your current favourite amp?
Egnater Tweaker 15 Watt Combo. You can get some great tones out of these!

What are the top 3 gigs?
1. Gary Clark Jr at Manchester Ritz.
2. Muse at Birmingham Arena.
3. Royal Blood at Birmingham Arena.

What’s the best thing about working at PMT?
No two days are the same! I can always learn something new and share that with people.