Z.VEX is one of the original boutique pedal makers, with a large selection of unique and characteristic fuzz pedals, modulation and more.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota (US), the company gets its name from founder and pedal-maker Zachary Vex - a modern-day "mad scientist" in the world of effects units.

Some Of The Finest FX Pedals Ever Made!

Z.Vex's most famous pedal is (arguably) the Fuzz Factory: a fuzz pedal inspired by the classic 1960s Fuzztone, and made for the modern market during the mid-1990s.

In addition to the awesome Fuzz Factory though, the company has released several notable stompboxes over the years, such as the Box of Rock, Wolly Mammoth, Super Hardon, Mastotron, and much more besides - each of which offers something new to an otherwise familiar design.

Hand-Made, Hand-Painted

Not only do these pedals sound incredible, but each and every one of the main lineup (not the Vexter or Vextron offerings) is hand-made and hand-painted at their factory in Minnesota, using only the finest of components.

Don't be turned off by the Vexter or Vextron pedals though: whilst the subassemblies may be made in Taiwan, the final assembly is completed in the USA, and their silkscreen-printed graphics are just as much fun as their hand-painted counterparts.

Back At PMT!

Z.Vex pedals are finally back at PMT, so be sure to check out the whole range both Online and In-Store to pick which is best suited to you.

If there's a Z.Vex pedal that you'd like which we don't currently have listed, then please make sure you contact our Online Sales Team directly - chances are that we'll be able to get one for you!