Yamaha Studio Monitors

Since the dawn of near-field studio monitoring, Yamaha has remained at the forefront of trusted brands.

Yamaha has consistently produced some of the most reliable, accurate studio monitor solutions available, courtesy of the MSP and HS Series speakers. The range of Yamaha Studio monitors truly lives up to the trusted reputation of the brand.


Perfect for home studios

No matter whether you've got a bedroom set-up or fully developed home studio - these are great options if you're serious about your sound. We'd also recommend the Yamaha Studio monitors if you're seeking something affordable without compromising on quality. This is especially the case with the Yamaha HS7 range which comes in around £150, available in black and white.

Sculpt the sound depending on your room

Adaptive EQ Controls allows you to adapt the sound to fit your studio depending on the size of the room. The Yamaha HS7 features a rear switch for Room Control and High Trim response. This means you can cut the low-frequency response to help avoid any unwanted boom and resonance in smaller room setups. This is super handy for home studios or DIY studios.

Shop Yamaha Studio Monitors at PMT

As an authorised Yamaha dealer - we have a great range of Yamaha studio monitors here at PMT. If you can't make up your mind on which option is most suitable for you, then pop into your nearest PMT store and speak to one of our friendly experts.