Valeton are a relatively new effects company, offering a range of fresh designs for musicians seeking quality gear to suit a variety of styles, settings and genres but at a price that's affordable for all.

A Huge Range Of Pedals At A Great Price

With more than 10 years design and construction experience producing products for other brands, the Valeton team came together as a single entity to offer users this new catalogue of effects, with a mixture of original designs and homages to vintage and well-coveted pedals, with all of their products being of an affordable price, but high-quality performance tools.

Despite the low cost of their products, Valeton's effects are still constructed with superior parts and technology, with their products capitilising on a simple design that will remain effective for years to come, whether it's the super affordable Coral range, their vintage-sounding Loft series, or even the awesome Dapper multi-effects strips, you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Valeton's mission is simple: they wish to capture the essence of the music-making experience through user-friendly gear, making previously expensive effects-types attainable for every level of musician, whether total beginner or seasoned professional, and we PMT are overjoyed to provide them to our customers.

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