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Townsend Labs represent a new dawn in recording and processing audio. By fusing revolutionary digital modelling techniques with old school analogue hardware, the Sphere L22 Microphone system is a giant leap forward in how the world's top audio engineers track and mix vocals.

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Townsend Sphere L22 is a 'Precision Microphone Modeling System' - utilising 3D modelling technology to offer unrivalled creative control over the positioning, response and dynamics of your audio recordings. In conjunction with the Sphere Native Plug-In and UAD-friendly interface, you can completely transform how your takes sit in the mix, without having to overdub or re-record over and over again.

Sphere’s three-dimensional approach captures the spatial nuances, proximity effect and off-axis frequency response of a wide range of microphones, which until now was not possible with any other product.

By painstakingly rendering 3D models of some of the world's most coveted microphones, Townsend has opened up the world of vocal recording to a whole new level.


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