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Stuart Spector first got into bass manufacturing back in 1976 when he used to handmake basses in his Brooklyn workshop.

From the beginning, Stuart wanted to create unique bass designs and so intentionally avoided conventional designs of the time, working closely with fellow Brooklyn woodworker Ned Steinberger.

Together, Ned and Stuart designed an instrument that was perfectly suited to the modern bassist.

Referred to as the Spector NS-1, this design was released in 1977 and took the bass world by storm.

Regardless of genre, bass players adored the NS-1 due to its comfortable, unique body shape.

In 1979, a second pickup was added to the NS-1, making it the NS-2 which quickly became the first choice for many top bassists across the world.

Why change what isn't broken? The NS-2 remains as the foundation for nearly every Spector bass design even to this day.

With a commitment to playability, tone and craftsmanship Spector bass guitars are always of the highest calibre.

Through the combined efforts of long established factories in Korea and the Czech Republic along with Stuart's small-batch, handcrafting workshop in Woodstock, NY, Spector continue to produce high-quality basses for bassists of all styles and skill levels.

Over 700 artists proudly endorse Spector basses and countless fans speak praises of these basses across the world.


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