Start Your Sandberg Sound

Ever since the company's inception in 1986, founded in Wolfsberg by Holger Stonjek and Gerd Gorzilke, Sandberg rightfully earned a reputation for producing excellent-quality, custom order instruments, specialising in 5 and 6 string bass guitars.

Their fantastic range of Guitars over the past 30 years has encompassed every guitar and bass playing need, from bare-bones basic right up to utterly unique and fantastic custom models.

Each production being of the highest quality and tested against the most stringent criteria before being passed on to distributors and customers.

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  • How good are Sandberg bass guitars?

    Sandberg bass guitars are crafted with quality parts and components in order to deliver consistently high-performing instruments. They are used by professional musicians such as Oliver Riedel of Rammstein and Ida Nielsen of 3rdeyegirl and Prince.
  • Where are Sandberg basses made?

    Sandberg bass guitars are made in Braunshchweig, Germany.
  • Who plays Sandberg bass guitars?

    Sandberg signature artists include Oliver Riedel of Rammstein, Martin Mendez of Opeth, and Ida Nielsen of 3rdeyegirl and Prince.
  • Do Sandberg basses use Glockenklang preamps?

    Yes, some Sandberg basses use a Glockenklang pre-amp. Some models use other components, such as a Darkglass Tone Capsule.
  • How to adjust Sandberg bass bridge

    Identify if your sandberg bridge has 4-screws or 5. There will be a 'Saddle Fixation Screw' that you must loosen before you can move the bridge. If you're not sure how to do it, bring it to your local PMT store and we'll take a look for you!