Munro Sonic

In late 2011, Andy Munro teamed up with Sonic Distribution to create a brand new speaker concept that would change the approach to studio monitoring solutions forever. Based around a revolutionary 'Egg' speaker design, the first system was launched and took the music industry by storm, finding their way into top studios around the world.

The MunroSonic 'Egg' system's accuracy lies in the scientifically-proven, curved cabinet design. A welcome change from traditional wooden 'boxes', they are shown to nearly eliminate diffraction and unwanted resonance that colour and distort the true sound of your mix. The latest Egg designs, the Egg 100 and Egg 150, are ergonomically designed to be positioned on any flat surface or desk for use in home and project studios, too.

MunroSonic Egg Monitor Systems have been employed by the likes of Mike Hedges, Gil Norton, Rik Simpson and many other industry giants for use on big projects, who swear by their accuracy.

We're a big fan of innovation at PMT, and you can try the Egg systems at most of our UK Music Megastores nationwide. Simply call us to organise a demo with your local branch!


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