Klotz Cables are produced by a German engineering team with a knack for creating the highest quality audio cables in the world. No matter what instrument you happen to play, don't be a clutz. Use Klotz!


In fact, KLOTZ have been producing professional audio and video equipment since 1979.

With over forty years in the business, KLOTZ continue to produce high-quality cables that are world-renowned and used by professionals.

Instrument cables for guitar, keys and more are available giving you great performance in the studio and live on stage.

From the KIK, LaGrange and Pro Artist Range to the FunkMaster and Joe Bonamassa cables, KLOTZ cables have got you covered.

There's also a grange of speaker cables, patch cables and microphone cables so you've got everything you need for incredible live sound and studio recording with something to meet every budget.

Check out their full range of equipment below.


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