Freshman are a famous Scottish company selling acoustic guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles and guitar related accessories. They are most famous for their ukuleles, with over 15 different series to choose from each with their own unique tone and design. They sell a wide variety of acoustic guitars including electro-acoustic, and 12 string guitars, each one has a corresponding left-handed version ensuring everyone can play the high-quality guitars Freshman has to offer.


Freshman is no stranger to winning awards, they have won multiple ‘guitar of the year’ accolades due to their perseverance in creating high quality instruments. Their acoustic guitar range comes in a variety of different models, including the iconic Renegade, the Maple Ridge series, the Open Plains series, the Songwriter series and many more. They sell acoustic guitars in 6 string versions, 12 string and electro-acoustic, each model has their own tone and depth and most people can’t decide which one they want to buy once they’ve tried them all!


Freshman are most famous for their unmatched Ukuleles, they are renowned for their clarity, note separation, unique resonators and ease of playability. Each model has its own style and sound, using a variety of different woods such as maple, dao and koa to influence the tone. Maple is an excellent tone wood for those that want an easy ukulele to live with and play, the abalone finishes and eye-catching patterns adorn each ukulele making them an iconic range of instruments from Freshman.

Ukuleles such as the FU1 and FU2 are harmonious with every strum, the FU3 is an electro-ukulele featuring toggles that improve that can alter the tone and depth. If these don’t suit your playstyle we have the eye-catching UKMAHS, the UKMAPLEC or the UKRWC, these are more traditional ukuleles and they retain the absolute highest standard of sound and quality you will come to expect from Freshman instruments.


Freshman bass ukuleles offer unparallelled tone and quality at an unbeatable price. When you play a Freshman bass ukulele you will understand the time, care and dedication taken to construct each instrument. Freshman sell traditional bass ukuleles and electro-bass ukuleles. If you prefer a traditional bass ukulele without the hassle of wires, then we have lots of models for you to choose from.

If you prefer plugging in your ukulele and jamming via an amp, Freshman has two great bass ukuleles to take your pick from. The FA1BN sports a lovely sandy brown colour, whilst the FA1BK is adorned in black with a striking outline around the edges of the ukulele. As soon as you pick up a Freshman bass ukulele it is apparent just how much work goes into creating such a high-quality piece of equipment.


Freshman sell a variety of cool guitar accessories such as cartoon and superhero printed guitar and ukulele plectrums. If themed guitar straps are you thing Freshman have a diverse range including Superman, Batman, Adventure Time or Scooby-doo themed guitar straps.