Focusrite engineers some of the most coveted audio interfaces and studio recording equipment in today's current market.

Through many years of experience designing these pro grade pieces of studio gear,Focusrite audio interfaces and mic preamps can be found everywhere from the world’s greatest and best-known, professional recording studios, to the bedrooms of home-recording enthusiasts and musicians, at budgets to suit everyone.

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Founded out of a request from the legendary producer Sir George Martin to the recording console designer Rupert Neve in 1985, Focusrite have been the epitome of audio clarity and world famous for their no-compromise sound ever since.  

This storied brand has a rich heritage and provides some of the best-selling audio interfaces currently available on the market. To this day, Focusrite remains one of the best entry points for a lot of musicians who are looking to build a project studio from scratch. They sit between you and your sound being shared with the world.

Scarlett Series

The Focusrite Scarlett range has made more records than any other range of audio interface’s in history. Scarlett is enabling songwriters, musicians and producers to record, mix and playback audio at studio quality everywhere. Now in its third iteration, the Scarlett series is available in a variety of 1,2,4 and 8 preamp options. They remain some of the most successful “first interfaces'' you can buy. An interface that is not only good for first timers, but it also excels in any professional studio.

Clarett Series

The Focusrite Clarett interface offers a low-noise and distortion, which makes them open, clean and transparent. They provide you with some of the clearest sound on the market and some of the best mic preamps for recording. The Clarett series is a great alternative to some of the traditional industry darlings.

Mic Preamps

Focusrite is a name synonymous with no-compromise Mic Pre’s, right down to the initial console Rupert Neve created for Sir George Martin’s Air Studio in 1985. The legacy of the original ISA 110 lives on, even to this day. Models such as the OctoPre MKII or the ISA one analog mic preamp are available right here at PMT Online.


  • Does Focusrite 2i2 have MIDI?

    The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 does not have any MIDI I/O. For MIDI capabilities from Focusrite try the 2i4.
  • Is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 good?

    The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is the most popular audio interface in the world - and for good reason. Whether you're a beginner recording enthusiast or a professional musician you'll find plenty to love from this interface.
  • Which Focusrite should I buy?

    The most popular Focusrite interface is the Scarlett 2i2. Check out the Clarett Plus range if you need some extra features, but remember to choose based on the I/O capabilities of the interface - that is, how many inputs and outputs you need!
  • Does Focusrite work with Windows 10?

    Both the Scarlett and Clarett Plus range of interfaces will work with Windows 10. For the most up-to-date compatibility notes check Focusrite Support.