Fender Acoustic Guitars

Fender Acoustic Guitars are built for wonderful tone and ease of use. With acoustic guitars for every type of player, Fender makes for a great choice when looking to purchase your next (or even first) acoustic.

Fender Acoustic guitars offer unrivaled durability, rich tones, and solid construction, but not only that, they are built for effortless playability.

If you're a beginner, Fender Acoustics guitars, like the DG-60 or CD-100, are a great entry point being affordable, lightweight, easy to play, and having a lovely rich tone.

Fender also often produces left-handed versions of most of their guitars, making many of their acoustics ideal for lefties picking up an instrument for the first time.


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As well as having timeless favourites, Fender keeps the lineup fresh with expertly crafted Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic guitars in the form of the 'Classic Series'. Made from high-quality mahogany and spruce, the CD-60 and the rest of the series provide a resonating and bright tone, helping you to articulate each note.

These electro-acoustic guitars were aimed more at beginners, whereas the Fender CD-140SCE contained more expensive gadgets such as an onboard Fishman pickup, preamp and tuner making them a higher tier option.

Fender released the CC-60S, Fender PM-2 and Fender PM-3 which combine simple acoustic guitar styling with premium materials. This creates a combination of superior tone, visual appeal and an unmatched performance for anyone searching for a simple acoustic guitar to jam on.


Fender Dreadnought acoustic guitars are renowned for their incredibly powerful projection and beautiful playability. Here at PMT, we stock both acoustic and electro-acoustic dreadnought guitars to suit all styles.

Whether you want a workhorse Fender acoustic guitar that you can take out on the road or a prized possession to keep at home and play when the mood takes you, we've got you covered.


  • Do Fender make good acoustic guitars?

    From their High End Paramount series down to their most affordable models, Fender Acoustics have a reputation for their high levels of playability and superior tone.
  • Who are Fender Acoustic Guitars suitable for?

    These guitars are suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned performers.
  • Where are Fender Acoustic guitars made?

    The Fender American Acoustasonic Series guitars are made in the Fender Corona, California factory. All other Fender Acoustic guitars are made in Asia.