Aria began doing business in 1947 exporting Japanese made classical guitars to south-east Asia. Back then Japanese guitars carried a bad reputation for build quality and wood selection.

Typically most Japanese guitars did not use properly seasoned woods. This meant that a lot of these instruments warped, cracked and sometimes became unusable when exposed to dry heat conditions. Shiro Arai, (now chairman of Aria guitars) decided he'd be the first to tackle this issue.

The name, “ARIA”, which means expressive melody, was first used in 1958 when Arai exported Japanese built classical guitars fitted with steel strings to South East Asia in 1963. Also the letters of his name “ARAI” were just switched around to “ARIA as he recalled.

Although these guitars have over 60 years of heritage, Aria focus on providing affordable guitars that really perform and most importantly wont crack under extreme climates.

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