Allen and Heath

The Allen And Heath story starts in the late 1960's, thriving in the emerging rock and roll scene of London, UK. Setting a new benchmark for analogue mixing consoles, Allen & Heath hand-built mixers for legendary bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd and The Who.

Over the past 3 decades, Allen And Heath have undergone several changes to the business model and ownership, but their consistency and audio quality has remained at the forefront of their philosophy.

In the present day, Allen & Heath mixers are used around the world at every level of live sound venue, with notable users including Morrissey, Frank Ocean, Franz Ferdinand and Paolo Nutini.

Sound engineers at pub-gig level and full world tour stages can appreciate an A and H desk that suits that requirements. Shop for our full range of Allen And Heath mixing desks at PMT Online, with full in-store demo facilities available.


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