Albion Amplifiers may well be a relatively unknown brand here in the UK, but their design and functionality is about as British as you can get from an amp.


Designed by none other than legendary British Amp Maker Steve Grindrod, these fantastic amplifiers have more than a few surprises up their sleeve.

Whether it's the superb Solid-State/Valve Hybrid combos from the AG Series, the simply-sublime all-valve TCT Series, or the boutique, hand-wired, all-valve Gulfstream series, you know that every care has been taken to ensure the end-product is of the highest quality.


Amp-designer extraordinaire Steve Grindrod first made a name for himself as Chief-Engineer and "Director of Research and Development" at Marshall throughout the 1970s and 1980s. His amp designs were seen on the World's biggest stages, and he helped build Marshall's reputation as one of the top amplifier brands throughout his career there.

At the turn of the century, Steve and Marshall parted ways, and he then moved on to become the Managing Director and Chief Designer at VOX, where he continued to serve until 2008.


After his time at VOX, Steve decided to branch out with his own amplifier brand, and thus in 2009 Albion was born. Although never quite reaching the lofty heights of Marshall and VOX, Albion Amplifiers and Cabs rightfully earned a great reputation amongst the online guitar community, and were renowned for their great value and high construction quality.

New to PMT

Albion are a relatively new brand to PMT, and as they are (unfortunately) no longer in production, we have successfully secured some of their last available stock - once they've gone, there's no replacing them!

So visit your local PMT Store today and talk to one of our resident product experts about these wonderful amplifiers, and maybe even request an in-store demonstration - you won't be disappointed!

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