ADAM Audio T Series

Adam Audio T-Series Studio Monitors offer superb value for money for any home or project studio. 

Adam's T5V and T7V Studio Monitor Speakers are a serious best-seller at PMT. Well-loved for their use of Ribbon Tweeter Technology and wide, dynamic frequency response. A superb choice for any bedroom and project studio owners on a budget, yet still want transparency and accuracy in the mix.


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ADAM Audio T5V

ADAM Audio T5V is designed to meet the demands of the small-room producers and sound engineers that have limits on space available to them. The ADAM Audio T5V model utiulises waveguide technology and U-ART Ribbon tweeters taken from their critically acclaimed S-Series monitors. The result is a super wide sweet spot, stunning detail and a balanced frequency output provides a great result in even the smallest control rooms.

ADAM Audio T7V

The Adam Audio T7V is a mid-range studio monitor designed to meet the demands of producers and engineers with small-to-mid room spaces, kitted out with some of ADAM Audio's most forward-thinking technology and features. This two way monitor is designed for vertical use in a nearfield application.