Orchestral instruments are the heart and soul of classical music, spanning various families, each with its unique timbre and character. From the majestic brass section with its resonant trumpets and trombones to the delicate woodwinds featuring flutes, clarinets, and oboes, these instruments blend harmoniously to create captivating symphonies and compositions. 

Embark on a melodic journey with PMT Online's diverse collection of orchestral instruments, spanning woodwinds, brass, and stringed marvels. From the enchanting tones of flutes and clarinets to the powerful resonance of trumpets and trombones, and the elegant allure of violins and cellos, discover the perfect instrument to bring your musical aspirations to life.

Stringed Instruments


Violins are timeless string instruments with a rich history spanning centuries, esteemed for their expressive and emotive sounds. With variations including the standard violin, viola, and cello, they offer a diverse palette of musical expression across a myriad of genres from classical to folk to contemporary music. Their presence is indispensable in orchestras, chamber ensembles, and solo performances, enchanting audiences with their versatility and captivating melodies for generations.

Beginner Violins

Forte VN44 Beginner 4/4 Violin with Case

Handcrafted to be the perfect first instrument for users, the Forte VN44 Beginner 4/4 Violin features a spruce top, maple back, sides, and neck, delivering a resonant, rich sound. The ebonised hardwood fingerboard and maple bridge ensure smooth playability, whilst the hardwood tailpiece with fine tuners guarantees tuning accuracy. 

Complete with a soft case, bow, and rosin, this outfit provides everything needed to embark on a musical journey with confidence and enthusiasm. Crafted to inspire and endure, the Forte VN44 is the perfect choice for budding violinists venturing into the world of strings.

Intermediate Violins

Stentor Violin Outfit Conservatoire II 3/4

The Stentor Conservatoire II is a standout violin outfit, recommended by instructors for advancing students. It shares the craftsmanship of the Stentor Conservatoire but boasts additional features like a Wittner Ultra tailpiece and premium strings. 

Crafted with a carved spruce front and flamed maple back, it exudes elegance and durability with ebony fittings and traditional purfling. Finished in Stentor's Shellax varnish, it delivers a responsive, high-quality performance. Complete with a selected Brazilwood bow and deluxe oblong case, it's a top choice for musicians seeking to elevate their playing experience.



Violas, often overshadowed by their more prominent sibling, the violin, possess a unique charm and depth of sound. Resonating with a rich, warm timbre, these instruments play a vital role in orchestral ensembles and chamber music settings.

With a slightly larger body and lower pitch than the violin, violas allow musicians to explore a distinctive tonal range. Their versatility allows for melodic and supportive roles, adding depth and texture to musical compositions. From haunting solos to lush harmonies, the viola's expressive capabilities captivate audiences worldwide, ensuring its enduring relevance in the realm of classical and contemporary music alike.

Beginner Violas

Stentor Student Viola I Outfit, 13"

The Stentor Student I presents an excellent starting point for aspiring violists. Crafted from solid tonewoods with meticulous attention to detail, this instrument ensures reliable performance and pleasing tone, facilitating the learning journey for students.

Featuring inlaid purfling, premium pau rosa pegs and fingerboard, each viola boasts durability and aesthetic appeal. Equipped with a high-quality bridge as well as a tailpiece with built-in adjusters, the instrument offers ease of use and maintenance.

Complete with a dependable wood bow and a thoughtfully designed lightweight case, the outfit includes convenient features like a fitted interior, an external shoulder rest pocket, and a music compartment. With bow holders and rosin included, along with backpack-style carrying straps, this outfit is tailored for student convenience and comfort.

The Hidersine Piacenza

The Hidersine Piacenza

The Hidersine Piacenza Viola is tailored for intermediate players seeking superior quality and performance. Crafted with precision and adorned with stunning flamed maple, this 15" viola epitomises traditional craftsmanship. 

Completed with a half-mounted bullet-wood bow, Hidersine rosin, and an oblong styrofoam case, it's the ideal choice for advancing musicians. Experience durability and comfort with genuine ebony fittings, ensuring longevity and smooth playability for countless hours of musical exploration.

Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind instruments, a diverse family including flutes, clarinets, saxophones, oboes, and bassoons, are essential components of orchestras, concert bands, and jazz ensembles. Crafted from wood or metal, these instruments produce rich tones by vibrating air through a mouthpiece or reed.

From soaring melodies to intricate harmonies, woodwinds offer versatility for musicians of all levels. Discover the beauty and expression of woodwind instruments, whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, and explore the timeless allure they bring to musical performances across genres.



Flutes are versatile wind instruments dating back thousands of years, cherished for their melodic and soothing tones. Showcased along various types like the concert flute, piccolo, and alto flute, they offer various musical possibilities across genres from classical to jazz and beyond, making them indispensable in orchestras and ensembles worldwide.

Beginner Flutes

Forte FL1 Beginner Flute with Case

The Forte FL1 Flute Outfit is purposefully crafted for beginners, offering an affordable and user-friendly entry point into the world of flute playing. Engineered with new players in mind, this flute in the key of C provides a seamless introduction to flute playing, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. 

With a durable construction made from cupronickel and nickel plating, it offers reliability and longevity without breaking the bank. Designed for ease of play, featuring a 16 closed-hole split-E key design and offset  G configuration, it empowers beginners to explore various musical pieces confidently. 


Intermediate Flutes

Forte FL220 Student Flute with Case

For intermediate players seeking a reliable instrument, the Forte FL220 Flute Outfit offers a practical blend of quality and affordability. Crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as its predecessor, this flute in the key of C is tailored for those looking to advance their skills.

With its sturdy cupronickel build and durable nickel-plated finish, the FL220 ensures longevity and minimal maintenance. Its functional design includes 16 closed-hole split-E keys and an offset G configuration for comfortable playability. Complete with essential accessories like a soft case, the FL220 Flute Outfit is a solid choice for intermediate flutists eager to refine their craft.


The clarinet, a versatile woodwind instrument, captivates audiences with its rich tones and melodic versatility. Crafted from premium materials like Grenadilla wood or ABS resin, clarinets offer durability and superior sound quality. Available in various sizes, from the compact Eb clarinet to the standard Bb clarinet, these instruments cater to diverse musical styles and skill levels. Whether for classical orchestras, jazz bands, or solo performances, the clarinet remains a timeless choice, promising both beginners and seasoned musicians an enriching musical experience.

Beginner Clarinets

Forte CL220 Student Bb Clarinet with Case

Meticulously crafted for durability and precision, this clarinet boasts a premium body with silver-plated metal keys and rings, ensuring both reliability and aesthetic appeal. Featuring a versatile Boehm system and adjustable thumb holder for enhanced comfort, the CL220 is tailored to beginner players. With its comprehensive outfit and visual elegance, this clarinet offers an affordable yet exceptional choice for those ready to embark on their musical journey with confidence and style.

Intermediate Clarinets

Jupiter Bb Clarinet Bb Abs, Silver Plated

The JCL700 clarinet presents an ideal choice for intermediate players seeking a reliable instrument. With precise alignment of all tone holes and a responsive feel, transitioning from the recorder is effortless. Crafted from durable ABS material, it serves as an excellent student or secondary instrument, ideal for outdoor performances. 

The inclusion of offset trill keys enhances performance by mitigating moisture accumulation. Additionally, maintenance is simplified due to its easy-to-clean design. Complete with a premium 2-tone Jupiter case featuring backpack straps and ample storage, this outfit ensures convenience and protection. Included accessories like ligature, cap, cloths, reed, and cork grease further enhance the player's experience.



Beginner Saxophones

Forte AS1 Beginner Eb Alto Saxophone with Case

The Forte AS1 Eb Alto Saxophone Outfit is meticulously crafted to accompany budding saxophonists as they embark on their musical journey. Tuned in Eb with a range from low Bb to high F#, this saxophone offers an ideal starting point for beginners, ensuring a smooth transition into saxophone playing. 

Boasting a lacquer finish for durability and visual appeal, the AS1 combines quality construction with affordability, providing a reliable instrument for honing skills without compromise. Complete with essential accessories, this comprehensive outfit offers everything students need to kickstart their musical exploration, making it the perfect companion for aspiring musicians.

Intermediate Saxophones

Forte AS220 Student Eb Alto Saxophone with Case

Catered to more advancing players, the Forte AS220 Student Eb Alto Saxophone is meticulously crafted to be the perfect companion for budding saxophonists looking to move on from their first saxophone. Tuned in Eb with a versatile range from low Bb to high F#, this saxophone offers an optimal starting point for beginners, facilitating a seamless transition into the captivating world of saxophone playing.

Expert Saxophones

Jupiter JAS1100Q Eb Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquered

The Jupiter 1100 series saxophones uphold the stringent standards of professional musicians while serving as an ideal step-up instrument for dedicated students. Its specifically crafted design ensures seamless playability, complementing the instrument's precisely balanced sound.

Each Jupiter saxophone undergoes meticulous adjustment to ensure flawless performance after final assembly. Featuring a 'Sona-Pure' neck made of gold-lacquered brass with a stopper, protective ring, and resonance guard, this saxophone delivers a warmer sound, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles. From practice sessions to stage performances, the Jupiter 1100 alto saxophone excels in versatility for advanced players.



Trumpets are versatile brass instruments known for their bright, powerful sound, used across various musical genres. Typically pitched in Bb or C, they feature a cylindrical bore and a flared bell. Played by buzzing lips into a mouthpiece, valves change the pitch. Trumpets play a vital role in orchestras, concert bands, jazz ensembles, and marching bands, often carrying melodic lines or providing bold, rhythmic accents. Constructed from brass, modern trumpets may feature variations like different materials for the bell or lead pipe. With a rich history and timeless appeal, trumpets remain a cornerstone of musical expression worldwide.

Beginner Trumpets

J.Michael Trumpet Outfit Silver Plated

The J Michael trumpet outfit, with its sleek silver-plated finish, is a high-quality instrument designed to accompany students through their initial grades and beyond. Boasting nickel silver tuning slides and an adjustable 3rd valve slide hook with a stop, this trumpet ensures precise tuning and optimal playability. 

With its removable finger hook and bore size of 11.70mm, it offers versatility and comfort during extended playing sessions. Delivering a rich, smooth sound and responsive valves, this trumpet is both aesthetically sleek and reliable. Complete with an ABS moulded hard case, it provides secure storage and convenient portability for musicians on the go.

Intermediate Trumpets

Jupiter JTR700Q Bb Trumpet Lacquered

The 700 series trumpet from Jupiter is designed as an upgrade for intermediate players, succeeding their popular JP606 model. Crafted from durable materials like gold brass, nickel silver, and stainless steel, this trumpet ensures longevity and superior performance. Jupiter's advanced manufacturing processes guarantee exceptional quality and value, evident in the reliable construction of the JTR700. 

With features such as stainless steel valves and nickel silver outer slides, this trumpet offers excellent playability and tone quality for advancing players. Complete with a lightweight case featuring ample storage and backpack straps, the JTR700Q provides convenient portability and protection.


Jupiter Bb Trumpet Rosebrass, Lacquered

The Jupiter 1110R intermediate Bb trumpet boasts premium features typically found on professional-level instruments, making it an exceptional choice for players seeking balanced tone quality without compromising power and clarity. 

With its rose-brass bell and standard lead pipe, this trumpet delivers enhanced sonic presence and tonal warmth, elevating your musical performance to new heights. Additionally, hand-fitted, dual-lapped Monel valves ensure exceptionally fast action and quiet operation, enhancing the overall playability and responsiveness of the instrument.

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