Whether you're relatively new to the guitar and seeking to enhance your first instrument or on the hunt for an affordable six-string without a substantial price tag, you have numerous options available when it comes to high-quality guitars priced under £200.

In this blog, we'll explore the realm of guitars under £200, where your budget doesn’t have to comprise brilliance. Contrary to the misconception that exceptional guitars come with a hefty price tag, we've listed a treasure trove of six-stringers that prove outstanding quality, playability, and style can be accessible without breaking the bank.

What should I be looking for in a beginner’s guitar?

When embarking on your journey to learn the guitar, selecting the perfect beginner's guitar is vital, therefore there are several key factors that should be considered to guide your choice. First and foremost, consider your budget whilst also opting for an affordable beginner's guitar that doesn't compromise on quality. In addition, look for a guitar with a comfortable and easily playable neck to facilitate your learning process. Durability is essential, so select a guitar with a solid build to withstand your practice sessions. 

Additionally, choose a guitar that complements your preferred music style, whether it's acoustic or electric, to make your learning experience more enjoyable. Lastly, seek advice from experienced players or trusted music stores to ensure you're investing in a quality instrument that matches your specific needs. Making the right choice for your first guitar sets you on the path to becoming a skilled guitarist.

Squier Sonic Mustang HH MN, Flash Pink

Embrace the iconic Fender style with a nod to early 1960s design with the Squier Sonic Mustang HH MN in Flash Pink, known for its compact, lightweight body and shorter scale length. Squier's Sonic series embodies Fender's timeless style, tone, and playability, making it accessible to guitarists of all levels. Whether you're stepping into the world of guitars for the first time or seeking a trusty companion for performances, this guitar offers an inviting journey into music.

Crafted for comfort, the slim "C"-shaped neck profile and lightweight body ensure provide an enjoyable playing experience, encouraging prolonged practice sessions. With a pair of Ceramic Humbucker pickups, this guitar delivers substantial high-output tones perfect for heavier music genres like rock and metal.

Reliable and ready for action, the Sonic Mustang HH boasts rock-solid hardware, including a 6-saddle hardtail bridge and sealed-gear tuning machines, ensuring impeccable intonation and smooth, accurate tuning. Kickstart your musical journey in style and confidence, as this guitar offers outstanding value for both novices and seasoned musicians.

Antiquity TL1 Electric Guitar

Boasting a classic design reminiscent of iconic '50s and '60s guitars whilst also exuding an air of nostalgia that incorporates modern playability and versatility. The Antiquity TL1 Electric Guitar offers a meticulously crafted design with a contoured poplar body and a high-quality maple neck, resulting in a timeless charm at an exceptional price point. 

The TL1's impeccable craftsmanship and vintage-style hardware make it a visual delight. Whether you're starting or a guitarist looking for an affordable six-string to practice with whilst on tour, the TL1 offers a remarkable playing experience combining the best vintage nostalgia and modern adaptability.

Ibanez GIO GRX70QA-TRB Electric Guitar Transparent Red Burst

For over two decades, the Ibanez GIO range has proven that great sound and playability need not come at a high cost. Crafted for those who desire Ibanez quality in an affordable package, GIO instruments stand out for their superior performance within their price range.

Based on the classic Ibanez RG series, this guitar offers exceptional value with its comfortable, lightweight build, featuring a thin, speedy neck and a versatile FAT-6 Tremolo bridge. The HSH (Humbucker, Single Coil, Humbucker) pickup configuration, powered by Infinity pickups, derived from Ibanez's high-quality models, ensures a broad spectrum of articulate tones.

The transparent red burst finish adds a touch of style to the instrument, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer a clean signal or crave high-gain distortion, the 5-way pickup selector and tone control knobs allow you to sculpt your ideal sound. Ideal for beginners and guitarists on a budget, the GRX70QA-TRB offers top-notch construction and powerful electronics at an incredibly accessible price, making it a perfect entry into the world of electric guitars or a reliable, budget-friendly choice for seasoned players.


Antiquity AQJZ Electric Guitar

Boasting a timeless offset body design beloved by surf and indie rock enthusiasts, this guitar ensures a comfortable playing experience, whether you're seated or standing.

Crafted for ultimate playability, the smooth neck design minimises hand fatigue, enabling extended playing sessions. The guitar features a pair of JM-style single coil pickups, delivering genuine, throaty, and articulate tones perfect for rock and indie styles. These pickups strike a balance between the clarity of a standard single coil and the richness of a humbucker.

Affordable yet high-quality, the Antiquity AQJZ is ideal for both beginners and seasoned musicians seeking a reliable backup. Dive into the world of music with a guitar that embodies classic aesthetics, modern playability, and an unmistakable tone, a choice that's as inspiring as it is accessible.

Antiquity LSB Electric Guitar

Embrace the classic Single-Cut design, offering easy access to upper frets for expressive string bends, complemented by a glossy finish, white pickguard, and elegant gold hardware for a truly stylish look.

Designed for optimum playability, the smooth neck and comfortable fretting make extended playing sessions a breeze, minimising hand fatigue. The guitar features a solid Mahogany body and Maple top attached to a bolt-on neck, housing two vintage-sounding humbucker pickups that deliver a rich, mellow voice.

Whether you prefer a clean signal or crave the crunch of overdrive, the covered humbuckers produce tones that will leave you craving more. Affordable yet high-quality, the Antiquity LSB is an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned players, offering exceptional value and a reliable backup for your musical journey.

Squier Sonic Stratocaster HSS MN, BPG, Black

Delivering an affordable, versatile instrument embodying timeless Fender style, the Squier Sonic Stratocaster. Designed for all skill levels, the Stratocaster's iconic legacy lives on through this Squier Sonic model, propelling your playing journey at warp speed. 

With a slim "C"-shaped neck for comfort, a duo of Ceramic single-coil Strat pickups and a Ceramic Humbucker for versatile tones, this guitar is your gateway to musical greatness. Complete with a tremolo bridge for expressive vibrato, sealed-gear tuning machines, and durable chrome-plated hardware, the Squier Sonic Stratocaster is a definitive staple choice for players starting out.

Yamaha Pacifica 012 Electric Guitar

Packed with a humbucker and two single coils, it offers a spectrum of tones, from bright to powerful, catering to funk, blues, rock, or metal enthusiasts. The maple neck and walnut fingerboard provide a sublime playing experience, ensuring effortless riffing and comfort. The bridge humbucker packs a punch, defining your notes, while the neck single coil adds depth without sacrificing brightness. The middle pickup offers a twangy, vibrant tone. The Pacifica 012 is a versatile gem, marrying quality and affordability for players of all genres.

Squier Affinity Telecaster Deluxe MN, Black PG, Black

Sleek and packed with a powerful punch, the Squier Affinity Telecaster Deluxe MN in Black is a fantastic addition to your guitar collection without breaking the bank. This sleek and affordable electric guitar offers a refreshing twist on the classic Telecaster design, featuring a pair of chunky humbucker pickups that bring a beefier, more powerful tone to your sound. 

Designed with the new player in mind, it's easy to handle, lightweight, and comfortable to play, making it an ideal choice for those starting their guitar journey. Offering a more affordable counterpart to the vastly popular Fender 72 Deluxe Telecaster, a guitar made famous by artists like Keith Richards and pop-punk bands such as Paramore, this six-string comes with a thin poplar body and a glossy black finish, this guitar not only looks great but also sounds amazing. The maple neck with a slim "C" profile and matching fingerboard ensures effortless playability, allowing you to explore your musical creativity without emptying your wallet.

Ibanez Gio GRG121DX Electric Guitar Walnut Flat

The Ibanez GRG121DX GIO offers remarkable quality from the get-go, providing an affordable guitar that receives the same level of inspection and care as Ibanez's signature models. Maintaining the brand's iconic design and exceptional sound, the GIO series is tailor-made for musicians seeking genuine quality within their budgets.

With an ergonomic mahogany body and a sleek GRG maple neck, this guitar ensures unrestricted playability, allowing you to play effortlessly without any hindrances. Equipped with a pair of IBZ-6 humbuckers, it delivers warmth, articulation, impressive clarity, and a wide dynamic range. The eye-catching shark tooth inlays enhance your playing and make a bold statement about your inner rockstar. The Ibanez GRG121DX GIO is a true blend of affordability and quality, perfect for aspiring musicians who demand the best.

Ibanez PGMM31 Paul Gilbert Mikro Guitar

The MiKro series is designed with two key aspects in mind: affordability and a smaller scale than regular guitars, making them ideal for beginners. The PGMM31 MiKro upholds this ethos perfectly.

It's a dream come true for aspiring shredders and beginners. The shorter scale length, contoured body, and ultra-slim neck enhance comfort, particularly for smaller players. The versatile neck accommodates all playstyles, whether you're into breakneck speeds or not.

Don't be fooled by the budget-friendly price; the Infinity R Ceramic humbuckers deliver an incredible tone. The neck pickup offers dynamic sound for chords and rhythm work, while the bridge pickup shines for solos, providing warm tones with rich harmonic overtones. The PGMM31 MiKro is your gateway to a world of rock and affordability.

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