Buying second-hand musical equipment opens doors to a vast array of possibilities, offering many benefits beyond just cost savings. Whether you're a budding musician, a seasoned player, or a savvy audio enthusiast, embracing the second-hand market can enhance your musical journey in unexpected and enriching ways.

In this blog, we’ll discuss just a few benefits of purchasing a pre-owned instrument and how our brand new “Trade Up Sell it” campaign can also give you further savings, so let’s get into it!

What is Pre-Owned?

The perfect place to explore unparalleled deals on various musical instruments and gear, all available at unbeatable prices through our extensive collection of Pre-Owned and second-hand products. Plus, every item comes with an Extended 6 Month Warranty, ensuring complete peace of mind with your purchase.

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What is Trade Up Sell It?

Swapping your gear for cash or credit towards your next significant purchase has never been this effortless, thanks to our latest "Trade Up Sell It." campaign.

We've condensed the process into four simple, straightforward steps to ensure a hassle-free experience. Say goodbye to the need for online interactions with unfamiliar individuals, concerns about packing and shipping in cardboard boxes, or fretting over potential damage during transit.

For more details, click here to discover how seamless it can be!

Be an Eco-Friendly Musician 

Delving into the world of music doesn't have to come at the cost of our planet as opting for pre-owned musical gear is a powerful stride towards sustainability. By giving these musical companions a second chance, we reduce the demand for new production, minimising the environmental footprint associated with manufacturing. 

It's a harmonious cycle - reusing and extending the life of musical gear not only honours the craftsmanship but also aligns with our responsibility to preserve the Earth for generations of musicians to come.

Bagging Expensive Gear for Less

Unlocking the world of high-end musical gear doesn't have to drain your wallet. At Play Music Today, we know the value of a great deal, and pre-owned instruments and equipment offer a golden ticket to that world. You can own that dream guitar, amp, or synthesizer at a fraction of the price, without compromising on quality.

These Pre-Owned treasures often come with character, having been finely tuned and played in by previous owners. In addition, some models retain their value, making them a savvy investment for musicians looking to upgrade or diversify their instrument collection. It's the art of finding hidden gems and creating music with a touch of history—all while saving your hard-earned cash. 

Six Month Warranty

At Play Music Today, we believe in delivering not only exceptional musical gear but also unmatched peace of mind to our valued customers, that's why we've listened attentively to our customers and have taken a step forward. Now, when you purchase any Pre-Owned equipment from us, you enjoy the added assurance of a robust six-month warranty.

This extension means you have an extended period of confidence, providing an extra three months to evaluate your product thoroughly. We stand firmly behind the quality of our pre-owned gear and have faith that this warranty will further enhance your musical journey, encouraging you to explore and play without worries. 

Expert Care and Inspection

We pride ourselves on making sure every Pre-Owned item we sell has been checked over by an in-store expert, along with a fresh set of strings and a polish for any of the guitars we receive. This means that customers can always be sure that their second-hand purchase is always in the best possible condition.

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