Find out what makes the Nord Piano 5 Stage Piano stand out from the crowd with our in-depth feature guide.

An essential among professional touring acts, the Nord Piano 5 keyboard series has been articulately and painstakingly crafted and improved with each model over the years to ensure sublime performance to users from the first note. The most recent incarnation, the Piano 5, is no different, jam-packed with a vast range of features and sound emulations to cater for any player and scenario.

In this blog, we’ll be diving into why the Nord Piano 5 is the undisputed king of stage pianos, what intuitive features are included in its newest incarnation, and an in-depth look into some of the premium features that make it top-class.

Nord Piano 5

Why Nord?

Hailing from Sweden, Nord has a straightforward mission - to make exceptional instruments for gigging musicians. That means being able to handle the demands of consistent use, being impressively easy to transport to and from shows and recording sessions, and most of all, sounding incredible. 

Due to this, it’s no surprise that Nord instruments have been spotted on multiple stages and studios over the years, whether it’s their Stage, Electro and Piano series or their percussive synthesizer pad. 

Nord Piano 5 88-Key

Piano Range History

Launching originally all the way back in 2010, the first Nord Piano was released with the intention of delivering a purely immersive piano playing experience that sounds overall more realistic. This was achieved by using a simulation of the unplayed strings that resonated in unison with the played strings, along with samples of pedal noises. 

The follow-up, the Nord Piano 2 was then released in 2012, adding a second sample section that was entirely dedicated to playing non-piano samples either layered with the piano sounds or by splitting the keyboard.

In 2016, Nord launched the Nord Piano 3, a new and improved version with an 88-key keybed and an expanded memory, 1GB that was dedicated to piano samples with an additional 256MB for extra samples. Moving on to 2018, the Nord Piano 4 was unveiled, which added further improvements from its previous counterpart such as a 120-voice polyphony, creative piano filters, easy transitions, 7 split points with optional split point crossfades, doubled 512MB memory and much more. 


This leads us to the Piano 5’s launch back in 2021, which once again offers an optimised design to get the most out of your portable stage piano. coming in an 88 and 73 key version, giving a fresh new take on the popular stage piano.  

The first Nord Piano 88

What’s New?

As you could expect, the Piano 5 comes with a revitalised aesthetic along with a broader array of features to suit any player’s requirements. It incorporates a fresh Virtual Hammer Action technology, a doubled engine as well as memory, and an array of effects and features to enhance the finer nuances of any player’s performance such as Unison and Tru-Vibrato. Let’s dig into some of the key features that make the Nord Pianpo 5 stand out…

Nord Piano 5 73 Stage Piano

Nord Piano 5 88 Stage Piano

Ground Breaking Key Technology

When you're on stage, it's crucial to feel completely immersed in the piano you're playing. The Nord Piano 5 excels in this aspect by seamlessly integrating its highly intuitive Virtual Hammer Action Technology across all 88 keys. This provides musicians with exceptional control and playability, catering to both delicate nuances and powerful dynamics. This ensures that the tone you produce is consistently infused with a wealth of captivating charisma, making every performance truly engaging.

Nord Piano 5 Logo Close Up

Immersive Sound

Committed to delivering an exceptionally authentic piano experience, Nord has equipped the Piano 5 with the Nord Triple Pedal. This addition opens up a realm of unparalleled realism in your playing, enhancing the Dynamic Sustain Pedal with Soft and Sostenuto variations, truly immersing you in a lifelike performance.

By faithfully emulating the distinctive and intricate mechanical actions of the original instrument, you can both sound and feel like you're seated at a genuine acoustic piano, allowing you to effortlessly lose yourself in your music.

Furthermore, Nord's Advanced String Resonance technology faithfully reproduces the expansive dynamic range of the authentic piano, ensuring a grandiose tone that shines through regardless of your chosen musical style.


Nord Piano 5 Controls

Vast Sound Library

Anticipate an immense sonic experience with the Nord Piano 5 88 Stage Piano, featuring an expansive factory bank of exclusively Nord-crafted sounds. Boasting an array of 9 Grands, 9 Uprights, 10 dynamic Electric Pianos, and a multitude of other inspiring tones, it has never been more effortless to ignite your creative spark.

Crafted through advanced sampling technology, this instrument captures even the most subtle nuances within the piano sounds it replicates. This ensures that you are treated to a tone that continuously reveals new layers of richness and depth, making your musical journey truly captivating.

Nord Piano 5 Effects Section

Vast Effects Section

In the Effect section, you'll find a diverse collection of high-quality stereo effects, designed to replicate the character of timeless stomp boxes. These effects are easily adjustable on the fly, and you have the flexibility to assign them to any layer within the Piano and Sample Synth section as you see fit.


  • Mod 1 - Pan, Tremolo, Wah-wah and Ring Modulator. All these can be controlled with a Control Pedal.
  • Mod 2 - Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Vibe effect and two selectable depths for each effect.  
  • Delay - Stereo delay effect with Tap Tempo button and Ping Pong mode. The Delay can be assigned globally to all four Layers.
  • Equaliser - Three band EQ, with sweepable mid. The EQ can be assigned globally to all four Layers.
  • Compressor/Amp - Twin, JC, Small, Compressor and a Tube Overdrive effect.
  • Reverb section with five different sizes (Booth, Room, Stage, Hall and Cathedral) for adding ambience to your sounds. The Bright and Dark modes allow for enhanced or reduced treble. The new Chorale option adds a lush modulation effect.


For more information on the Nord Piano 5 range and to try one out for yourself, call us on 0151 448 2089 or check out your local store to speak to one of our Experts about your needs.