Get to know all about the impressive Yamaha STAGEPAS 100 portable speaker range with our comprehensive comparison and feature guide.

Highly regarded amongst musicians, Yamaha PA equipment has been the go-to choice for various artists of any size for decades courtesy of their exceptional sound quality and heightened practicality for top-tier user efficiency. 

In this blog, we’ll be doing a deep dive into the newest addition to their STAGEPAS range, the Yamaha STAGEPAS 100. We’ll be discussing why these compact PA speakers are a must for street performers and what features make them stand out from the crowd.

What is the STAGEPAS Series?

The STAGEPASseries by Yamaha covers a range of various live sound PA speakers tailored to the modern musician, providing a larger-than-life sound quality that highlights the finer nuances in performances whilst also being extremely practical and user-friendly.

From the column PA STAGEPAS 1K model to the more compact and practical STAGEPAS 400 and 600 models, the STAGEPAS range offers a speaker solution that caters to every sort of performer's demands.

What is the STAGEPAS100 series?

Offering a sublime balance between immersive sound quality whilst also being exceptionally portable, the STAGEPAS 100 portable PA system series enables users to essentially transform any environment into a stage to perform intimate sets. 

Ideally targeted towards street performing artists, the STAGEPAS range comes available in two variants, one equipped with a battery and the other without, the STAGEPAS 100 boasts a lightweight yet robust design, effortless functionality, and remarkable sound quality, all geared towards enabling you to captivate your audience with the true essence of your performance.

What is the Difference Between the STAGEPAS 100 Models?

The STAGEPAS 100 range consists of two versions:

With a three-channel digital mixer, a formidable 100W Class D power amplifier, and a coaxial compression driver featuring a 1.4" voice coil HF and a 6.5" cone LF speaker, the STAGEPAS 100 is brimming with top-tier yet robust components that guarantee an audio experience guaranteed to captivate your audience. 

The biggest difference between both models is the inclusion of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with the STAGEPAS 100-BTR, this additional feature to the portable PA speaker delivers effortless practicality at all times.

Portable Size, Huge Sound

Beyond merely serving as an amplifier for your microphone or instrument inputs, the compact STAGEPAS 100 surpasses expectations with its exceptional audio quality, harnessing advanced technologies found in our top-tier professional equipment. 

Featuring a potent, top-notch coaxial compression driver and incorporating Yamaha's FIR-X filters for precise high and low-frequency crossovers, it delivers impressive sound pressure, accurate phase response, and natural sound dispersion, guaranteeing that every subtlety of your performance is conveyed crisply and vividly to your audience.

Get Performing In Minutes

It's super easy to get up and running with the STAGEPAS 100. Just flick the power switch, plug in your microphone and instrument, crank up the volume, and you're good to go. You'll find the master EQ right on the front panel, so you can tweak your sound on the fly without any fuss.

In addition to its speedy functionality, the STAGEPAS100 also comes with an adjustable design that allows users to easily control the coverage area via the carry handle that also works as a stand when placed on the floor. The adjustment screws can be simply tweaked to change the angle of inclination to point your sound where it needs to go, making it easier than ever to get the perfect set-up wherever you’re playing. 

Take The Show Anywhere

The STAGEPAS 100 redefines portability by bundling all the necessary components of a compact PA system into a rugged 5 kg cabinet. It's the equivalent of having your own mini stage that you can effortlessly carry with one hand, allowing users to set up and perform practically anywhere, at any time.

In addition, the STAGEPAS 110BTR is also compatible with large-capacity lithium-ion batteries that are able to run for up to six hours. Meaning users can go from one performance to another without requiring a power source.

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