Take a closer look at the Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System, the newest essential from Bose’s roster of compact premium PA systems

In this blog, we’ll be talking about the Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System, the newest offering from the audio titans that delivers sublime sonic performance for solo performers and bands alike. 

Don’t be mistaken by the size of this wireless Bose PA system, as the S1 Pro Plus Wireless PA System packs quite the sonic punch to make sure your performance can always be heard with heightened clarity in any environment.

Pioneers in sound for almost 60 years, Bose has become a household name whilst also being a staple choice for home cinema/audio system setups, studio and personal headphones, and PA systems for solo artists, bands and public speakers.

Versatile all-in-one design

Designed specifically for musicians, DJs, and for general live PA applications, this battery-powered PA System offers seamless connectivity to a wide range of equipment through its integrated lightweight 3-channel mixer. Take advantage of Channels 1 and 2 for microphones and instruments, while Channel 3 is dedicated solely to music playback, making it perfect for solo performers either in bars, on the high street, or even having a karaoke party at home.

Simply adjust various settings such as independent EQ, reverb, ToneMatch presets, and more using user-friendly OLED displays. Alternatively, access all these features and the complete ToneMatch library on your mobile device via the Bose Music app.

Exceptional portability

As all performers and artists will know, no two shows are the same, whether it's at a bar, local coffee shop, street corner, or small venue. The Bose S1 Pro+ PA Speaker is articulately crafted to be prepared for any gig, coming in at a weight of 6.5kg, the S1 Pro+ is impressively lighter than the original S1 Pro Speaker which came in at a weight of 7.1kg.

Making the daily life of a musician easier, it also boasts a specially moulded ergonomic carry handle, making it hassle-free to move from your car to the venue. Not only that but even without access to a power source, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 11 hours of playtime. Performing anywhere you desire has never been more achievable than now with this battery-powered portable PA speaker.

      Why upgrade?

Upgraded in its design in comparison to its predecessor, the Bose S1 Pro, the new S1 Pro Plus PA Speaker has a few upgrades to ensure users are getting the finest in what Bose PA Systems have to offer.

Now even lighter by 0.6kg, the Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA system makes it easier than ever for musicians to transport their equipment to wherever their next show takes them. 

In addition, the newly added rotating OLED display for each channel allows users to easily access and adjust independent EQ, reverb, ToneMatch controls and much more is incredibly smoother than ever before previously. 

Furthermore, the incorporation of the control through the Bose Music app simplifies the management and enhancement of the mixing capabilities of this speaker. This feature allows users to conveniently access the mixer settings and ToneMatch presets using their smartphone or tablet, providing an easier and more versatile way to control and expand the functionality of the speaker.

Finally, with two optional wireless transmitters available, one for instruments and one for microphones, you can effortlessly connect whatever you need wirelessly to the S1 Pro+. No more dodging cables during performances or dealing with cluttered setups. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility this speaker brings to your stage, allowing you to focus on delivering an unforgettable performance.

Simplify your rig

It’s never been simpler to start performing, as the S1 Pro Plus gives owners the ability to leave their cables in their case and start playing even faster with the optional wireless RF accessories for microphones and instruments (sold separately). 

With these accessories, performers can seamlessly pair with the S1 Pro+ as Channels 1 and 2 have integrated wireless RF receivers. Not only that but when you're not using them, simply plug the receivers into the system for convenient recharging.

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