Take a closer look at the 2022 reissue of the Minimoog Model D in our complete guide to one of the most eagerly-anticipated synthesizers of the year 

As far as synthesizers go, there are few that have achieved such legendary status as the Minimoog Model D.

Revered by musicians and sound designers since it was initially launched in 1970, this keyboard set a precedent for each and every synth that followed. Utilising three oscillators and an all-analog design, the Minimoog Model D combined the gigantic sound of Moog modular systems with the accessibility and portability that musicians needed, allowing them to create intuitively without requiring patches.

Featuring a sound engine and signal path that remains identical to the 1970’s models, this faithful recreation also includes a couple of popular modifications which have been carefully selected to supercharge the Minimoog and bring it straight up-to-date with the latest studio innovations.

Built by hand to original factory specifications at the Moog factory in Asheville, North Carolina, each component is carefully-sourced to ensure the highest-quality and most authentic playing experience.

Keep reading to find out all about the latest additions to the Minimoog Model D and why we think you should add one to your collection..

What’s New on the 2022 Minimoog Model D? 

Synthesizer fans will know that this isn’t the first time Moog has reissued the Model D.

Back in 2016 the Minimoog had a short-lived reissue run before a scarcity of parts caused by unprecedented demand meant that production was halted indefinitely less than a year later. This iteration of the synth featured some tasty upgrades that had synthesists scrambling to get their hands on them - and now you’re treated to even more from the 2022 version.

The main differences and modifications you’ll find between an original-era Minimoog Model D and the 2022 Minimoog Model D are:

  • A dedicated analog LFO with triangle and square waveshapes
  • A premium Fatar Keybed (with velocity and after pressure available via top panel CV jacks with onboard trimpots)
  • Mixer feedback modification for overdriven sounds
  • Spring-loaded pitch wheel with centre deadband
  • Updated MIDI functionality

Despite the extra modifications to the keyboard, Moog have strived to recapture the core essence and beauty of the Model D, and it’s clear that their efforts have paid dividends.

Every single unit produced by Moog uses identical component placement and the same through-hole design of the originals, including the beloved hand-finished aluminium chassis and handcrafted Appalachian hardwood cabinet.

Why Should I Get a 2022 Minimoog Model D? 

The Minimoog is the sort of synth that musicians dream about adding to their collection, and for a long time it seemed that the only way you might get the chance to play one was by sourcing an original and forking out the inflated prices that came with it.

The 2022 Model D retains everything that has made this synthesizer so legendary and offers just a little bit more to bring it straight up-to-date. Authentic, quality, and with an unmatched legacy – the Model D is the synth of the connoisseur, and with this latest reissue you’re given a chance to own a piece of history.

The list of artists who have relied on the Minimoog includes Trent Reznor, Gary Numan, Dr. Dre, Keith Emerson, and Herbie Hancock, whilst the instrument has been at the heart of countless genres and pioneering moments.

Versatile, beautiful, and beyond all else infinitely musical. If you’ve never had the chance to add one to your collection, then now might be the time to act!

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