We're giving back to the music community and providing a range of free online guitar lessons and free online drum lessons with PMT College on YouTube. We've teamed up with the good people at Progress Music Academy, MGR Music and Drumheadz to provide guitar and drum students, both new and experienced, with a range of free online music lessons available NOW on the PMTVUK YouTube Channel.

These online music lessons were originally only available to those who had made a purchase from PMT, but we are now offering PMT College to everyone free of charge, for a limited time. These lessons will help you whether you're completely new to playing guitar or drums, or you just want to hone your skills, re-learn an instrument or find out some cool tips, tricks and essential techniques that will keep your playing sharp. Best of all, these free online guitar lessons and free online drum lessons can be done at home.

There's no purchase necessary, and no sign-ups. Just visit our the PMTVUK YouTube channel by following the links below and start learning straight away.


View all Free Online Guitar Lessons HERE or watch the videos below.

Free Online Drum Lessons

View all Free Online Drum Lessons HERE or watch the videos below.


PMT college is aimed at beginner guitarists as well as old-hands who might want to hone their skills and re-learn some of the essential guitar techniques that will improve our playing. We’ve put together a variety of easy-to-digest video tutorials, most of which have accompanying blogs, for players who want to learn at their own pace.

The incredibly talented tutors over at Progress Music Academy, MGR Music and Drumheadz have created bite-sized lessons with actionable exercises that you can use straight away. With more free videos added every month, you don't even need to leave your home to learn an instrument. These lessons are all designed to get you playing straight away, with minimal theory - just play along!


We've teamed up with experienced music teachers from around the UK, including Leigh from MGR Music, Steve from Progress Music Academy and Russ from DrumHeadz. 

About Leigh Fuge and MGR Music: Leigh Fuge is a professional guitar player and tutor from Swansea in South Wales and a guitar writer having written and produced content for Guitar Magazine and many other high profile guitar publications and websites. The team at help students find great music teachers across the UK and have a great network of teachers around your local PMT stores including the ones in Liverpool, Cardiff and Manchester.  

About Steve Smith and Progress Music Academy: 

You may recognise Steve Smith from the Marshall Amplification videos as he is their main product specialist and YouTube demonstrator. Steve has taught Guitar at Access to Music in Birmingham, The Academy of Music and Sound, Bournville Specialist Music School along with an extensive private tuition programme. Steve is also a member of the Official Registry of Guitar tutors. Steve has a thorough knowledge of teacher training, exam systems and available certification bodies along with a very high level of musicianship across all styles of music. 

Progress Music Academy is based in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, and offer professional music tuitions in Guitar, Drum kit, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Recording Studio techniques and Vocals... along with Workshops, Seminars and Clinics by some of today's top performers and industry professionals.

About Russ Tarley and Drumheadz: 

Russ is a session musician and drum teacher based in Portsmouth, UK. With over twenty years of playing professionally and studying with the best teachers in the UK, the lessons at Drumheadz are designed to take a player from where they are to where they want to go in the most efficient and effective way possible, creating the best drummer and musician a person can be. Visit for more drum lessons in the Portsmouth area.

Happy playing from everyone at Professional Music Technology.

About The Author:

This lesson was brought to you by, written by experienced guitar teacher Leigh Fuge. Leigh works as part of a community of guitar teachers based across the UK. It has been fantastic to see the growth in the numbers of students at our Guitar Lessons Manchester hub, with complete beginners to more advanced guitarist develop their playing ability through lessons focused on their perferred musical tastes. To find guitar teachers local to you, as well as online guitar lessons, simply visit the platform.

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