A host of new 2020 Schecter guitars have been announced ahead of the NAMM 2020 show including new Silver Mountain and Banshee guitars

We're pretty excited about the new 2020 Schecter guitars that have been announced ahead of NAMM 2020. This new range features a selection of options suited to the shredders out there, but also caters to the blues and rock guitarists too! Here's a closer look at the new 2020 Schecter guitars which are available for pre-order today!

Schecter Silver Mountain Series

First up we have the Schecter Silver Mountain Series designed for the shredders out there. These new 2020 Schecter guitars are available in 6 string hardtail, 6 or 7 string versions with a Floyd Rose bridge and Sustainiac pickup as well as 7 or 8 string Multi-Scale versions for those who want to hit the low frequencies. The first thing you'll notice about these Korean made guitars is the distressed metallic silver mountain finish, which is prevalent across the entire Schecter Silver Mountain line - it looks stunning! Each model has a set neck design with a Mahogany body and Ebony fretboard for tonal depth. The Schecter USA made “Sonic Seducer” Pickups are new for 2020 and provide the screaming highs and deep, rumbling lows you need whilst the stainless steel frets are reliable and comfortable to slide over.

Schecter Banshee Mach Series

The new Schecter Banshee Mach Series guitars are available in either 6 or 7 string variants with either a Hipshot bridge, Evertune bridge or Floyd Rose 1500 - so you have plenty of options depending on your playing style. These Korean made guitars feature a cool looking Fallout Burst finish, Neck Through design for superior resonance and a set of M6 Lundgren pickups for the power you need. These new 2020 Schecter Guitars include a Swamp ash Body with Flamed Maple top and Ebony fretboard with Roman Numeral Pearloid Markers and stainless steel frets.

Schecter Banshee GT Series

If you like your guitar to look as fast as your playing then the special order Schecter Banshee GT Series is for you. These guitars are available in 4 Satin Racing Stripe colours and are produced in the Schecter Indonesian factory. The Banshee GT FR series guitars feature a 3 piece Maple set-neck design with Ebony fretboard and stylish Roman numeral Pearloid markers. A Mahogany body with Flamed Maple top provides the resonance and depth of tone whilst the EMG 81/60 pickups (coloured to match the guitar finish) are capable of some seriously menacing tones. A Floyd Rose Special "Hot Rod" tremolo and locking nuts allow you to divebomb without tuning issues.

New Schecter Nick Johnston HSS Guitars

Building on the success of the Nick Johnston signature series, the new Schecter Nick Johnston HSS guitars have been crafted to provide more tonal options for players. These new HSS variants feature a coil tap on the Humbucker to split it into a Single Coil, so you can still enjoy that classic single-coil sound, but you can add that extra beef when you need to.

Schecter Corsair 2020 Series

Proving that Schecter guitars are not just for the metalheads out there, the Schecter Corsair 2020 Series provides players with an incredible hollow body guitar with plenty of power when you need it. You have 3 colours available, Gloss Black, Natural and Gold. All the guitars Maple body with Mahogany neck, new Schecter Tremolo, Ebony fingerboard and G&B Zebra pickups. These guitars are special order only, so contact us should you want to order one. Shop a full range of Schecter guitars over at PMT Online today including the new 2020 Schecter Guitars announced at NAMM. Or call in to your local PMT Store to try out a selection for yourself. Check out all the latest NAMM 2020 news HERE.