We offer a complete LOCI modular stands set up and compatibility guide, so you know which keyboards and synthesizers will fit your LOCI stands

We are a proud stockist of LOCI stands here at PMT, and one of the major questions we get asked here is "which LOCI stand do I need for my keyboard, controller and modular synths?". So, we thought we'd answer your questions and offer up a complete comparison and compatibility chart of the LOCI modular stands. Scroll down to see a complete LOCI compatibility guide which will help you see which synth, controller or keyboard will fit your modular stand.

Complete LOCI Modular Stand Compatibility List

Please note: LOCI recommend that a maximum depth is no more than 30% deeper than the maximum usable depth of the stand. In other words - a maximum 30% rear overhang. LOCI recommend a max-width is no more than approximately 250% of the stand giving a 75% overhang on either side for heavy items only. For lighter products such as controllers, an additional stand may be required. Please be aware that many of these products have been listed on dimensions alone but LOCI estimate it to be fairly accurate.

Different LOCI Stands Explained

Wondering which LOCI stand to buy? Check out our handy image guide. Shop a full range of LOCI stands over at PMT Online or call into your local PMT store to speak to our synth experts about your modular and home studio needs.