Ibanez Altstar ALT30 Electro-Acoustic Guitar Benefits


We take a closer look at the new Ibanez Altstar ALT30 Electro-Acoustic Guitars and see why electric guitarists really need to try these out

If you’re predominantly or even exclusively an electric guitar player who turns their nose up at the thought of an acoustic guitar, then you really need to give the PMT exclusive Ibanez Altstar ALT30 a chance.

You may notice at first that the Ibanez Altstar takes inspiration from the Ibanez electric guitar as the headstock gives it away. However, the similarities are more than just visual as these guitars have been designed to help electric guitarists make the transition from electric to acoustic easily, and provide a more enjoyable playing experience for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these so unique and sets them apart from other electro-acoustic guitars.

Ibanez Altstar ALT30 differences

Similar build to electric guitars

As electric guitar players, we get used to a certain size of guitar hanging over our shoulders and a certain size of neck. Sometimes, if we haven’t played acoustic for a long time, or simply don’t play acoustic at all, picking one up is really difficult. This is why the Ibanez Altstar ALT30 electro-acoustic guitar has been designed to mimic the feel and playability of an electric thanks to a few key benefits such as narrower string spacing, compact body shape and a neck joint at the 16th fret – to name but a few design features.

Compact Body

The Ibanez Altstar series feature a compact body that isn’t as fat as a dreadnought style acoustic but still provides a rich and resonant sound thanks to a Spruce top and Sapele back and sides.

This means you can still rock out as you would with an electric guitar without getting a sore shoulder!

Neck Joint at 16th fret

One of the problems we have making a transition from electric to acoustic guitar is the inability to play at the upper frets. Fortunately, the Ibanez Altstar ALT30 has a neck joint at the 16th fret so you have greater access to the upper frets. This is a welcome change as most acoustics have this joint at the 14th or 12th fret.

Lighter gauge strings

Play lighter gauge strings? No problem. This electro acoustic guitar uses 010 - .047 Extra light gauge strings, which are otherwise known as electric guitar 10s. This makes playing it a lot easier than a regular acoustic.

Shortened neck to waist distance, shorter scale

The neck to waist of the guitar has been shortened to 5.99” which is very similar to the likes of an Ibanez RG model, whilst the shorter overall 25.5” scale-length ensures your guitar doesn’t feel too big on your shoulder.

High quality electronics

The under saddle pickup and AEQ2UT preamp allows you to plug the guitar into an amp or PA system and enjoy super quality tones that reflect the quality of the tonewoods. What you hear acoustically is what you get through an amp.

Narrower string spacing

One of the key benefits of playing an electric guitar is the narrow string spacing which makes it easier to play. The Ibanez Altstar ALT30 features 10.5mm narrower string spacing akin to an electric so you can work your way around the maple neck with larger frets with ease.

Exclusive to PMT

These incredible guitars are exclusive to Professional Music Technology, making them extremely rare and very sought after - so don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Ibanez history.

These are just a few of the key benefits of the Ibanez Altstar ALT30 Electro-Acoustic Guitar, which is a PMT exclusive! So come on down to your local PMT store today to try one out for yourself or view the full range online today.

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