NAMM 2017 is now in full swing, and Orange amps have announced two fantastic amplifiers that put the power in the hands of the musician with custom built attenuators, control over the sound with a twin channel design and mono/stereo operation for massive soundscapes. For those that use pedal boards, there's a brand new style of effects loop now in play! Read on and take a look at the new Orange Rocker 15 & Rocker 32 amps and check out our exclusive video from NAMM 2017 and hear how awesome these things sound!


Made in response to the overwhelming calls for the return of the Orange Rocker series, the Orange Rocker 15 features an array of incredible options making it the perfect bedroom amplifier with enough power to stand up to a full drum kit on stage. The cool thing about this 15 watt amplifier is that you can dictate how much power you want via the ‘Headroom/Bedroom’ attenuator switch. This means you can go from 15, 7, 1 and half a Watt depending on what you need. Bedroom players will appreciate the ability to cut the power right down without losing all that juicy orange tone and gigging musicians will love the fact they can step up to 15 watts when on stage. The unique twin channel design features a ‘Natural’ Channel and a ‘Dirty’ channel offering an array of tones through your amp. The ‘Natural’ channel features only one control knob for volume, meaning your amp accurately represents the guitar you play, whether it’s a single coil or humbucker – you get out what you put in. Hear how your pedals should sound when you throw them before the amp – clear and unchanged or crank the volume and enjoy that bluesy orange crunch. The ‘Dirty’ channel serves up that gorgeous Orange gain tone we’ve all come to love and can be manipulated via the Gain, Master Volume and 3 band EQ controls. Set it clean for another rhythm sound or crank it up and use it as a distortion channel for leads. You can activate the channel via the optional FS-1 footswitch and kick in when you need it. The Orange Rocker 15 is packed with the Orange Voice Of The World Gold Label 10 speaker that makes use of every nuance of sound and provides 101dB of sensitivity. Needless to say, you’ll feel this on stage and appreciate the racket this 10” speaker will make. A durable, versatile amp made for the bedroom as well as the stages of the world. Available in Black and Orange.


The Orange Rocker 32 is an all valve stereo guitar amp that is both compact and portable. However, there are some seriously cool features under the hood specifically designed for those guitarists out there who love their effects pedals – don’t we all! The Orange Rocker 32 features a unique stereo effects loop that has been crafted to take those stereo effects pedals with two outputs, e.g. Strymon Timeline delay etc. The Rocker 32 has an effects loop with one send and two returns, with separate valve output stages. This allows you to unlock the full potential of your stereo pedals. Should you want a mono amp, the Rocker 32 will handle that in droves, yet the option to make full use of the loop and achieve those stereo panning effects is still there. You can even set up the ‘wet/dry’ mode to make your effects come out of one speaker and the and the clean guitar tone come out the other – offering a true stereo experience. Above all, the Orange Rocker 32 offers 30 watts of pure power through 2x10” custom Voice of the World Gold Label 10 speakers. The word ‘beast’ certainly comes to mind as it will stand up to the heavy hitting drummers out there and provide you with all the tones you need via the Natural & Dirty channels. Again, you have an attenuator switch to drop the power from 30 watts to 15 watts so you can saturate the EL84 output valves and get all that gorgeous Orange Amplifiers tone at a lower volume – perfect for bedroom players. A great amp for touring, recording and practicing with. Check out our video review below. Both set ups are available in Black and Orange – of course!




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