If you got a guitar, you'll probably need a guitar stand, too. And if you got more than one guitar, then you definitely need some stands... so check our guide!

guitar stands guide Guitar stands are often an afterthought. You buy your guitar, your picks, your amp and leads - guitar stands, however, hardly ever come up as an essential accessory to buy straight away. But then you take it all home, have a great time blasting some tunes and after you're done with it... then what? Where do you put the guitar? Let's get it straight - you can't just leave it leaning against the wall, or you'll always have that risk of damaging your prized instrument. And just putting it back in the hardcase or gigbag is not ideal either - sure, many of us do just that, but isn't it a shame, not to leave your guitar out, displaying all its beautiful glory? Besides, ideally you'll want your guitar easily at reach, to grab and strum as soon as you feel inspired. For this reason, guitar stands are often the first guitar accessory many players buy in the following days and weeks after buying their first guitar - while seasoned pros and live performers can't do without them. Here's a quick guide to some of the Top 6 best guitar stands we sell:

1) Best-value, all-round guitar stand: Black Rat A108 Universal Guitar Stand

[caption id="attachment_26604" align="aligncenter" width="281"]The best-value guitar stand This is the best-value guitar stand right now. Suitable for acoustic or electric guitars, as well as bass guitars. Foldable and easy to carry if you wish to take it to gigs or practice. VIEW MORE[/caption]

2) Cheapest & easiest to carry: Hercules GS200B EZpack Guitar Stand

[caption id="attachment_26607" align="aligncenter" width="353"]Cheap and easy to carry. Cheap and easy to carry, this is the best stand if you're on the go and want to just slip it inside your guitar gigbag. But because it's lighter and with less support for the body, it's not recommended for busy environments (such as on a stage packed with gear) as your guitar could be knocked over. But for home or to take to practice, it's very convenient! VIEW MORE[/caption]

3) Best-designed guitar stand: Hercules GS402B Mini Electric Guitar Stand with Bag

[caption id="attachment_26615" align="aligncenter" width="594"]Hercules GS402B Hercules GS402B mini electric guitar stand. Wonderfully designed and compact, this foldable stand is very easy to carry - but it's not super versatile, because it's meant for thin, electric guitar bodies only.  However, there's a version for acoustic-guitars, too. On the plus side - both the electric and acoustic guitar versions look great, which make this stand just perfect as an add-on, if you're also buying a guitar for someone else, as a present. VIEW MORE[/caption]

4) Best for live gigs: Hercules Single Guitar Stand with auto-grab

[caption id="attachment_26617" align="aligncenter" width="451"]Hercules GS412B stand The Hercules GS412B stand is ideal for live performers, gripping the neck for extra safety. This is by far the best stand if you'll leave your guitar on a busy environment, such as on stage or during gigs - lessening the risk or your instrument being  knocked over. Fits acoustic, electric and bass guitars - and the wide feet make it even more stable. VIEW MORE[/caption]

5) Best stand for multiple guitars: Hercules GS432B AGS Auto-grip Tri Guitar Stand

  [caption id="attachment_26619" align="aligncenter" width="541"]Hercules GS432B AGS Auto-grip Tri Guitar Stand The Hercules GS432B AGS Auto-grip Tri Guitar Stand is perfect to hold - you guessed it - up to three guitars, safely. Perfect for home or on stage. If you got more guitars, there are similar models which hold up to 6 guitars. Also popular, are the rack-style guitar stands. For most players, though, this Hercules Tri Guitar Stand is the best choice. VIEW MORE[/caption]

6) Best space-saving solution: Hercules GSP39WB Wall Hanger

  [caption id="attachment_26620" align="aligncenter" width="497"]Hercules GSP39WB wall hanger Hercules GSP39WB wall hanger is a simple and effective solution to keep your guitars safe at home or in the studio, if you lack enough floor space - or if yu want to better showcase your beautiful instruments as the work of art you know they are! The only downside is that it'll require some serious DIY, but if you get the job done, the end result will be great! VIEW MORE[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_26623" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Guitar Wall hanger Guitar Wall hanger... a stylish, space-saving solution![/caption]

Guitar Stand for Nitrocellulose Lacquer Guitars

Worried that your new, sturdy guitar stand will react to the nitrocellulose finish on your Gibson or PRS guitar? Have no fear! All Hercules stands and hangers are safe to use with nitrocellulose lacquered guitars, so you never have to worry about ruining your new  axe... unless you get a ding on stage!

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