Sure, the Ableton Push 2 is the ultimate Live controller. But whether you're an Ableton Live user or not, there are many more reasons why you should add Push to your setup.

Reasons To buy Ableton Push 2

There are lots of kinds of gear which are a no brainer: for instance, if you own a guitar you'll need an amp; if you want to record at home, you'll need microphones, etc. However, despite the rising popularity of grid controllers over the past few years, they're still not part of everyone's setups. But if you're a creative musician or producer, you should seriously consider getting the Ableton Push 2 - it'll widen your horizons and help you to make music in new ways! As a (perhaps not great!) analogy, think of smart phones - no one thought they needed one... until they were invented! It's more or less the same with grid controllers, in particular Push: there are many people who don't use one, but as soon as you get one and explore all of its possibilities, you won't be able to imagine your life without it! Solid Built, Ableton Push 2 is many things in one: an instrument, a mixer, a launchpad, a drum-machine, a step sequencer and a sampler, equally at home in the studio or on stage. Considering all it does, it's great value, too! [caption id="attachment_23303" align="aligncenter" width="597"]Ableton Push 2 Ableton Push 2... perfect in any setup![/caption] If you need to learn more about Ableton Push 2, here's our Top 10 reasons why you should buy one:

1) Multi-Functional RGB Pads

Its 64 velocity-sensitive and playable backlit pads are multi purpose and feel great. They allow you to trigger samples but also to play drums and keyboard sounds, including illuminating to show where to play in key, making it easier to play harmonies and melodies.

2) Full Colour Screen

This hi-resolution screen allows you to visualize of instrument and effects parameters, making browsing very easy and clear. The full-colour screen lets you view, slice and tweak waveforms on Push itself, besides showing peak and RMS levels. Push 2 feels more like a bona fide instrument now, reducing the amount of time you stare at a computer screen!

3) Plugin Support

Yes! Push 2 now supports the loading and browsing of third party plugins, such as Native Instruments Komplete... why use a mouse when you can use Push!

4) Quick Access To Functions

Undo, mute, solo, and more are all easily accessible on your fingertips. Thanks to the quick access, you'll use the actual hardware more than having to stare at your computer screen!

5) Overdub

Session View allows you to get the most of the Overdub feature.

6) Fixed Length Button

Press the Fixed Length button to set the size of new clips to a predetermined length. You can also enable Fixed Length while recording, which will switch recording off and loop the last few bars of the clip, depending on the Fixed Length setting.

7) Repeat Button

With Push 2’s Repeat button enabled, you can hold down a pad to play or record a stream of continuous, rhythmically-even notes. This is useful for recording steady hi-hat patterns, for example. Varying your finger pressure on the pad will change the volume of the repeated notes. If you press and release Repeat quickly, the button will stay on. If you press and hold, the button will turn off when released, allowing for momentary control of repeated notes.

8) Sampling

Push 2 allows you to play samples from the pads in a variety of ways, with detailed but easy-to-use control over sample parameters directly from the encoders and display. Thanks to the excellent screen, you can zoom in and zoom out samples, and trim them very easily, all from the hardware - once again, no need to look at a computer screen! The instrument that powers Push 2’s sample playback functionality is Simpler.  Simpler is an instrument that integrates the basic elements of a sampler with a set of classic synthesizer parameters. A Simpler voice plays a user-defined region of a sample, which is in turn processed by envelope, filter, LFO, volume and pitch components. But unlike a conventional sampler, Simpler includes some unique functionality inherited from Live’s clips. Specifically, Simpler can play back samples using Live’s warping.

9) Mixing

Push 2 is not just for live performance and composition - it's also built for mixing! At the touch of the Mix button you can have an overview of all the tracks of your project, with combined peak/RMS metering of eight channels at once, and top-button access to levels, pans and sends.

10) Footswitches

One little known feature is that Push 2 has two footswitches at the back! The first port is for sustain, the second allows for Looper-style control over clip recording: A single tap triggers Push's record button. A double-tap triggers Push's "New" button.

For more details: Watch Our Exclusive Demo

Now compatible with ABleton Live 10

As of February 6th 2018, Ableton Live 10 now offers users of the Push 2 better integration and a world of fantastic features at their disposal. Check out the intro video below and shop Ableton Live 10 now.

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