When looking for new gear, Sound On Sound is always a very reliable reviewer. So if you're considering buying new active monitors, check out what they had to say about the new Pioneer RM-07!

Pioneer RM-07 review The new Pioneer RM-07 features in the July issue of Sound on Sound magazine. SoS, as you may know, is always a trustworthy reviewer, so it might be worth taking notice of the great write-up that this range got, in particular because Pioneer is not usually the first name that comes to mind when thinking about monitors. Not that it's their fault of course - it's just that after decades being one of the top names in DJ decks, mixers and headphones, people tend to associate Pioneer more with those products, while a few other brands are  better known almost exclusively for their speakers. So it's great to readdress the balance and remind everyone that, yes indeed, Pioneer does superb monitors, too! [caption id="attachment_22903" align="aligncenter" width="478"]Pioneer RM-07, a great choice Pioneer RM-07, a great choice if you're looking for new active studio monitors.[/caption]
"Pioneer might not be the first name you’d associate with studio monitoring — but their new 'dual-coincident' creation is quite remarkable" - Phil Ward, Sound On Sound
These new speakers feature on the cover of the current issue of the Sound On Sound magazine, as well as appearing on a  6-page spread in the mag. The article is very detailed touching on the history of Pioneer and TAD Labs and then goes into a full blown review, including exploded product diagrams and frequency response graphs. “All the way from the bass through to mid to top, the rm-07 offers a coherence of character that sounds detailed and trustworthy" said respected reviewer Phil Ward, “But of all the recent nearfield monitors I’ve tried it’s actually my favourite – not just because it works so well and fundamentally does the job, but because it seems to me to represent genuine, thoughtful ’old-school’ and skillful electro-acoustic engineering of great integrity and quality.” Hard to disagree. The Pioneer RM-07 is really a fantastic active monitor. To find out more, go to the Sound On Sound website, or even better - get the magazine!

Watch the official Pioneer RM-07 introduction video:


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