There's no doubt that Dream Theater's John Petrucci is one of the most revered and influential Metal guitarists today, as two exciting new releases by Dunlop and Mesa Boogie confirm.

John Petrucci gear guide

John Petrucci is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished guitar players in the history of the instrument. A founding member, producer and guitar virtuoso of rock/metal band Dream Theater, John's intensely practiced technique and expansive musical vision is a driving force in progressive rock music, making Petrucci one of the most influential guitarists in activity today. Not surprisingly then, that many brands have released John Petrucci signature guitar gear, over the years: after the Musicman Petrucci electric guitars, the Dunlop Petrucci Jazz Picks and the TC Electronic The Dreamscape John Petrucci signature modulation pedal, two brand new releases will hit the shops in 2016:

Dunlop John Petrucci Wah

[caption id="attachment_20002" align="aligncenter" width="622"]Dunlop John Petrucci Wah This could be your dream (theater) wah...[/caption] The slick, chrome-plated Dunlop John Petrucci Wah is a sight to behold, and one of the best-sounding wah pedals you'll ever hear, even in a competitive field such as wah pedals, with so many other classic options to choose from. With volume, Q and 6-band EQ, this is a Cry Baby like no other, designed to Petrucci’s specifications.


The 6-band EQ is the main feature here - simply remove the bottom plate and tweak away, making this the most tonally versatile wah pedal ever! Even if you're not a Dream Theater fan, you are sure to find much to love in this pedal...

Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP Head Amps

Mesa Boogie JP2c Head

John has also been one of Mesa/Boogie's most loyal and prestigious supporters and endorsers for over 20 + years and has owned, played and performed with nearly every Mesa amp ever made. It's been a long time, but Mesa Boogie has finally released a Petrucci signature amp - and it's fair to say it's been worth the wait! The new Mesa Boogie JP 2C comes in three different versions: Regular, Rackmount and Limited-Edition. It’s a next generation Re-Issue of the legendary MARK IIC+ amp that so many recording artists, MESA enthusiasts and "tone freaks" the world over covet, often searching high and low to find. Only THIS IIC+ pulls in an enhanced feature set born from Mesa's collaboration with John over a period of three decades of research and development.


With MIDI connection, CabClone D.I. out and separate EQs for the different channels, this is truly a modern IIC+ amp, with more versatility than ever before - but still retaining the sound that so many guitarists love! And as if that wasn't enough, it has a new, exclusive "Shred" mode, which adds extra gain to the upper mids and higher harmonics, adding clarity,  tightness and aggression to heavy guitar riffs. Mesa and Petrucci really did something special - they've managed to create a new amp that's instantly one of the best ever made for heavy guitar music - it's a new classic!

John Petrucci Guitar Gear Guide

Petrucci has a quite complex guitar setup, heavy on MIDI and rack units, and this video discloses a bit more about his 2014 setup:


Some of the FX pedals Petrucci uses or has used, which you can find here at PMT include:

Other pedals that Petrucci has used include discontinued Boss Dimension-C chorus and PH-3 phaser, and Analog Man pedals. Petrucci experiments a lot with different pedals, so his board always changes a bit... but two crucial things remain: a Dunlop wah and THAT Mesa Boogie tone!

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