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Bass Guitars

Bass Guitars are similar to electric guitars, but are more often found with four thicker strings, and a longer neck. However, there are many popular variations: some modern players prefer 5, 6 or even 7-string basses, and short-scale models are perfect for bassists with smaller hands (including children) and guitarists who also play bass but want a more familiar feel than that of a standard-scale bass. PMT Online offers hundred of different models to suit your needs, with FREE Next Day Delivery on all items worth over £99 and in stock, or you can also Reserve & Collect from any of our PMT Stores nationwide.


If you're new to the instrument, these terms may seem a bit confusing, but this is how many refer to the four most iconic bass guitars: the Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Gibson SG Bass and Rickenbacker 4003.

Out of those, the Precision Bass is the most traditional. In fact, it's the first electric bass guitar ever made! Created by Leo Fender in 1951, the P-Bass was revolutionary, and thanks to its deep, warm tone, it's still very popular today, though the Jazz Bass comes close in popularity - both models are the most popular designs.

Gibson bass guitars have narrower necks than Fender-style basses, which some players prefer. The SG and Thunderbird models seem particularly popular amongst heavy rock bands, too!

Finally, the Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitars are some of the most expensive and desirable models. Used by legendary bands such as The Beatles, Sex Pistols, The Jam and Motorhead, these bass guitars have very comfortable necks and a great sound!


Besides FenderGibson and Rickenbacker, other popular brands include Music ManSquierIbanez and Eastcoast. These last 3 make some great, affordable basses perfect for beginners, providing some of the best value-for-money. Our Acoustic Bass Guitars shop offers a great selection for players who prefer to play unplugged!


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