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Nathan Meadows

Drum Expert at Romford

Nathan Meadows, a PMT Expert


Happy Hour

Your favourite gear that you constantly use?
My Shure SE215 In-Ear Monitors, cannot live without them now, having a clear concise sound in my ears makes you play so much tighter!

What are your three favourite brands?
Mapex, Roland, Zildjian/ Sabian (I cannot choose between the two!).

Most embarrassing gig story?
I had food poisoning from a Subway once. It all kicked in about 3 songs in... The rest of the set was double the speed! I got food poisoning from a buffet as well from a cooperate gig. I've decided to take my own food with me from now on...

What’s the best thing about working at PMT?
I have been working here for 12 years now. I've seen most requests, some strange, some not quite so strange, but still, I feel I'm prepared to cater for all types and having the resources on hand to do so!