TOURTECH is the leading UK supplier of affordable musical instrument accessories like Guitar Cases, Gig Bags, Speaker Stands, Microphone accessories, plus much more.

TourTech accessories are designed in the UK with an uncompromising approach to quality and affordability. Founded by a panel of industry experts, TourTech was founded to meet the demands of everyday musicians, without breaking the bank.

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Reliable Music Essentials

From function-packed electronic drum kits to high-quality music accessories including cables, cases, instrument stands, capos and tuners, speaker stands, microphone stands, stools, and power supplies.

TOURTECH has all of the essentials you need to keep playing the music you love.

Protect Your Instrument

Whether you’re a musician, engineer, or producer, performing on stage or recording in the studio, you’ll understand that it's not just the gear itself you need. It's transporting it safely, as well as the essential cables and support that you need to keep it all running.

When you take your instrument along with you to gigs or band practice, you're going to need something to protect it.

TOURTECH provides a range of different options for different instruments, making sure you're covered - no matter what your needs and budget are.