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In case you didn't know, RCF makes some of the best PA Speaker Systems available today, and some of their best models are now in stock at PMT Online and at our PMT Stores across the UK.

RCF PA speakers

RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, an Italian city with a reputation for engineering and innovation as rich as its cultural heritage. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in the design, production and marketing of high-technology Professional and Commercial Audio products.

As our recent blog about their new M18 Mixer, the company is still leading the way and being innovative, more than 60 years after first established! But the M18 is only the latest addition to their respectable range, which is available now on our website and at our PMT Stores: The Evox Range and the ART Series offer exceptional quality and value for money, and are definitely worth a look if you're on the market for a versatile and portable PA system, or simply looking for great PA speakers.

RCF Evox Two-Array System: Your Perfect Portable PA

RCF Evox band

One of the "holy grails" of live sound is to find a portable PA System that offers great  value, portability, versatility and, of course, performance. Well, we can safely say that the RCF Evox range ticks all those boxes! EVOX is the professional RCF answer to small "satellite-subwoofer" or "column-style" portable speakers. Designed for live sound, it exceeds the portability and the performances of other existing products, and comes in a few different speaker-size configurations to suit different needs, such as public speech, solo performers, mobile DJs or even full-band situations.

The smaller RCF Evox 5 is very light at under 20kg, and yet it's road-worthy and quite loud at 800-watts (400 RMS). It's perfectly suited for solo performers on the go, or for public speech.

Evox 5 Evox system, suitable for corporate use.

Like the other Evox models, the Evox 5 is a powered speaker system than works well on its own or paired with another one. At just over £700, this is a very well-priced PA solution for those performing at smaller venues which don't require huge amounts of volume. Because it's a powered speaker with XLR input, for simpler situations (such as public speech in a small room) you could use the Evox 5 with just a microphone, though if you're using it for live music, then a mixer is recommended. For a light & compact setup, nothing beats combining it with the RCF M18!

RCF Evox RCF EVOX: Easy to carry, easy to setup!

The Evox 8 and Evox 12 are even more powerful but still quite light and just as easy to setup. The Evox 12 model, in particular, is perfect for full-on live band situations, when used as a pair. Ideal as an affordable PA solution for small venues or outdoor gigs that require something that can be put together easily and quickly.

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 RCF ART Series: Your Choice of Professional PA Speakers

RCF ART 7 Series speakers RCF ART 7 Series speakers

Of course, not everyone will be content with just a small, portable PA. For proper music venues with a dedicated stage and PA system, bigger and more rugged speakers are recommended. And yes, RCF excels at those, too! The RCF ART series offers a wide range of active PA speakers and subwoofers to suit different needs and budgets.

These multi-purpose active speakers range represents the finest example of digital audio design, offering the best audio choice for a multitude of live sound applications. The complete range is composed of two-way active speakers, and all the loudspeakers are equipped with a new generation of digital amplifiers, neodymium transducers and compression drivers.

Here's a review of the RCF ART 745-A model, one of the most popular:

RCF ART series

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