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Finally! The energetic Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist gets his signature bass, and what a bass it is - the Fender Flea Jazz Bass is one of the coolest we've seen in a while...

Fender Flea Jazz Bass

Whether you're a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan or not, the new Fender Flea Jazz Bass has a lot to offer - it's simply a great Jazz Bass with some unique features, such as the road worn Shell Pink finish. And it's also a great homage to Flea, who's after all still one of the most creative, talented and irreverent bass players around, whether playing with RHCP or with his side-project with Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Atoms For Peace.

Flea rocking his Fender Signature Jazz Bass Flea rocking his Fender Signature Jazz Bass

Flea’s funk- and jazz-influenced basslines helped make the Red Hot Chili Peppers household names among those who appreciate the art of groove with attitude, bringing a welcome breath of fresh air to the musical landscape of the past four decades. To celebrate his enduring influence, Fender recreated his prized Shell Pink ’61 Jazz Bass that he received from a fan after requesting in his online tour journal if anyone knew where he could get a pre-CBS Jazz Bass so he could be “as cool as John Paul Jones.”

"The greatest bass I've ever played was the 1961 Fender Jazz Bass" - Flea

Road Worn Body & Vintage-Accurate Electronics

Fender Flea Jazz bass

Shell Pink is the rarest of Fender’s classic Custom Color finishes, and Flea’s ’61 Jazz Bass is quite possibly the only one in existence. We’ve carefully recreated his personal instrument’s exact faded shade as it exists today, and then applied an eye-catching Road Worn nitrocellulose lacquer finish that perfectly replicates Flea’s playing wear.

Other features include:

  • A special neck plate engraved with Flea’s own artwork commemorates the inspirational player behind this instrument.
  • A pair of vintage-style, American-made Pure Vintage ’64 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups provides classic, original-era Fender tone with clear articulation, clear low end definition, up-front midrange punch and singing high end.
  • The vintage-accurate stacked concentric controls shape the pickups’ volume and tone, as well as allowing the pickups’ voice to be blended in any ratio to craft a unique sound.
  • The vintage-style bridge sports four threaded steel “barrel” saddles, adding a touch of crispness that enhances the attack for tone that can power through a busy mix.

The Fender Flea Jazz Bass is available now to purchase online, and currently in stock* at the following PMT stores: PMT Birmingham, PMT Manchester, PMT East London, PMT Bristol and PMT Norwich. Come and pay us a visit to try out this amazing bass for yourself!

*at the time of writing. Subject to change.

Watch: Flea Introduces his Fender Jazz Bass

Flea Gear Guide:

Ok, so you can get the Flea signature bass, but if you want to try and sound a bit like him, here's some of the gear Flea uses:

  • Malekko B-Assmaster: Flea's favourite fuzz pedal.
  • MXR Micro Amp: for slapping or clean boosts on bass solos and lead parts. View more
  • Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron Envelope Filter: this is also part of his pedalboard, used occasionally. View more
  • Moog Moogerfooger phaser: used whenever Flea feels like, not on any specific song. Now discontinued. View more phasers

Flea uses Gallien-Krueger bass heads.


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