Orange Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Half Stack

Orange Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Half Stack

by Orange
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The original Tiny Terror was the guitar amp that launched the low wattage craze of the last decade and set the standard on which all others are judged. The UK Custom Shop is honouring this great amplifier by making a point to point hand wired version of the original housed in a striking polished stainless steel housing.

The Tiny Terror is 10. To celebrate Orange are releasing 110 custom half stacks.

Each amp comes complete with it's own open back speaker cabinet wrapped in British racing green and fitted with a pair of 10" Celestion G10 Gold alnico speakers. The amp and cab are seamlessly paired for the ultimate Tiny Terror Amp tone.

Designer Ade Emsley had this to say: "The 10th Anniversary model is a hand wired version of the standard Terror. The more traditional components add a certain character to the sound. Carbon comp. resistors pass a signal in a certain way and, with a proper hard-wired amp, you’re effectively soldering solid core legs of components together, so the top end is even sweeter and more defined. The construction of this 10th Anniversary edition is actually slightly different from my hard-wired prototypes. The first Tiny Terror I made was on a tag board, whereas the 10th Anniversary model is totally true point-to-point on a strip. It’s much more fiddly and involved this way but you end up with something that looks as smart as it sounds."

  • Amp Output: 7 OR 15W (switchable)
  • Valves: 2 × ECC83/12AX7 & 2 × EL84
  • Outputs: 1 × 8/16 OHM or 2 × 16 OHM
  • Finish: Polished Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Cab Design: Open Back
  • Cab Power: 80 WATTS RMS
  • Speakers: 2 × 10 Celestion G10 Alnico Gold Speakers
  • Cab Construction: 18mm Birch Plywood
  • Grille: Woven Paper Grille Cloth
  • Finish: British Racing Green Vinyl
  • Impedance: 16 OHMS
  • Head Dims: 30.3cm (W) × 19cm (H) × 15.3cm (D)
  • Cab Dims: 55cm (W) × 45cm (H) × 29cm (D)
  • Head Weight: 5.45kg
  • Cab Weight: 18.3kg



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