Turning Left: Top 7 Best Left-Handed Guitarists


Studies suggest that approximately only 10% of the world's population is left-handed. Considering this, lefties have done pretty well and have given us some of the best and most influential guitarists ever.To celebrate International Left-Handers Day, here's our list of Top 7 Best Left-Hand Guitarists, plus we'll guide you through some of the best left-hand guitars for sale now!



Oh, it's not always always been great being left-handed, you know. For thousands of years the left-hand has been associated with the Devil, and even today many people have been forced to learn to write - or even to play an instrument - right-handed against their natural dexterity, for whatever reasons.

But if you're a left-handed guitarist, you got good reasons to feel proud to belong to this selected group of people - after all, some of the best and most influential guitarists ever were left-handed too!

These seven guitarists listed here are not just seven great "left-handed" guitarists. They are simply great, full-stop!

1) Jimi Hendrix

Well... obviously! No list could fail to mention the Greatest Guitarist Ever! Unlike most left-hand players today, Hendrix had to trouble himself by playing right-handed guitars upside down, as manufacturers didn't cater so well for the lefties. Mind you - Jimi made playing an upside down guitar really cool, too!

2) Kurt Cobain

For a whole new generation (and beyond) the left-handed Kurt Cobain was an inspiration, who revolutionized rock'n'roll and made lots of kids want to pick up a guitar.

3) Paul McCartney

It can't be a coincidence, can it? Maybe there's a link between left-handedness and creativity? Paul McCartney (who also often plays a left-handed Gibson Les Paul) still remains one of the greatest bassists ever. As well as one of the greatest song-writers ever, who helped to revolutionize pop music.

4) Tony Iommi

Iommi is also another left-handed guitarist who put a strong mark in rock'n'roll. The power and simplicity of his style inspired many players to get into Heavy Metal, and shows that sophistication doesn't need to mean complication. Pure genius, and, fittingly enough, his new Epiphone Signature SG comes as a left-handed model, too!

5) Albert King

One of the greatest bluesmen ever, Albert King electrified audiences with his trademark Gibson Flying Vand, like Hendrix, he often played upside-down right-handed models.

6) Dick Dale

Dale helped to make the "surf-music" genre popular and remains one of the greatest Fender Stratocaster guitarists ever... and a great showcase of that classic Fender spring-reverb sound!

7) Mark Knopfler

Yes, the Dire Straits man is left-handed! Like Noel Gallagher and Billy Corgan, he's one of those left-handed persons who turned out to play right-handed. For Mark Knopfler it was the way he was taught – he started as a young musician playing violin right-handed violin, and when he took up the guitar it seemed easiest to continue.

Mmm... don't they say the Devil's got all the best tunes? Judging by this list of songs, maybe there's some truth in this! By the way - last time we checked, the Devil actually plays right-handed...


Left-handed players still complain that there's not as much models available to them as they wish. While this may still be true, at least they have a much wider choice than Jimi Hendrix did in the sixties,  so here's our Top 5 picks:

1) Epiphone Les Paul Custom LH

2) Fender Standard Stratocaster

3) Epiphone Tony Iommi SG Custom

4) Ibanez SA160

5) Rickenbacker 4003 Bass


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