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Professional Music Technology in Norwich is a superbly stocked music store that's open 7 days a week and staffed by knowledgeable friendly professionals, who are always ready to offer their assistance in guiding you towards the perfect purchase!

We encourage you to personally visit our music store where we can discuss your requirements face to face and demonstrate the fantastic range of products on offer. This 'back to basics' approach to choosing an instrument or piece of equipment ensures that we are able to offer you the best possible advice and expert guidance in finding the product most suited to your requirements and skills.

Occupying almost 5,000 square feet, and stocked to the rafters, we offer a mind-blowing range of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, digital pianos, synthesizers, electronic drums, PA, amplification, guitar effects, hi-tech and recording equipment alongside a huge range of accessories in our music shop!

PMT Norwich is part of the UK's largest, award winning, musical instrument store chain.

There are also guitar, drum and music tech events held at the Norwich Music Shop. See what’s happening at your local PMT Store here.

Yamaha Pulse

Yamaha Pulse at PMT Norwich

Dan Pye

Store Manager and PA Specialist

Hello, I am the Manager here at PMT Norwich. I have been working in music retail for 12 and a half years. I have been playing guitar for about 20 years and also have a passion for recording, which has turned in to a rather expensive hobby!

I specialize in selling PA systems in the shop, so I’m the man to speak to about microphones, mixing desks, speakers, cables and all things PA related.

I believe in giving decent honest advice, even if you’re not in the market to buy a PA system, you’re still welcome to come and pick my brains about the feedback you keep getting at gigs or how to tell your drummer to turn down...!

I hope to see you in shop soon for all things musical!

Thanks, Dan

Danny Porter

Guitar Specialist

Hi, my name is Danny Porter. I'm one of the Guitar Specialist here at PMT Norwich and have been with the company since 2006. I’ve been playing guitar since I was seven years old and I am very passionate about all types of music, but mainly guitar-based music ranging from classical guitar (achieved grades 1-7) to heavy rock.

I’ve been playing in bands since I was 15 and have had the opportunity to travel playing music. I recently went to America to play with some well-known Blues players for a few weeks and I’ve played in Ireland too. I'm also in an original band called ‘Burn The Headlines’ and we currently have our EP on iTunes and Amazon, plus two videos on YouTube. I also play a bit of bass, drums and piano and sing in my Blues trio cover band.

I have a wide knowledge of guitar amplification, electric guitars and acoustic guitars, plus I studied at Further Education College, Music and Music Technology to learn about recording and live sound engineering.

Stuart Gibson

Assistant Manager and Guitar Specialist

I have been working in music retail now for 12 years, and have been working for PMT for half of that time.

I have been playing guitar for about 25 years, and play mainly Ibanez and EVH guitars, through a EVH 5150 III 50 watt head. As you probably could’ve guessed, I’m mainly a Rock player, but have a love for all types of music. I play in a local cover band, SUPER ACTION HEROES and can be seen out and about most weekends.

I will always try to bring a high level of service to any customers, from beginners to pros, and I look forward to seeing you in-store soon!


Bon Grubb

Guitars, Amplifiers and Accessories

Hi, I am Bon, and I am the paid gorilla at PMT Norwich. Being 6'9" in height and weighing in at 25 stone, I do the heavy lifting and the reaching of things that others cannot, HA HA!

I have been working in music retail for almost 3 years and playing guitar over 20. I have owned many guitars over the years but my favourite is my trusty Charvel So Cal, as it has never let me down.

You would predominantly find me in and around the guitar department, but the best part of my job is seeing a smile on a customer’s face and doing all within my power to help them with all their needs (including making tea and coffee!).

In my down time I enjoy writing and recording my own material but I am currently trying to start a new band project. I enjoy all genres of music especially Rock and Metal \m/

Pop on over and see us all soon!

Adam Ramsbottom

Adam Ramsbottom

General Sales Expert

I've been working in music retail for close to ten years, and have been playing drums and guitars in bands for close to fifteen!

My role in the shop is general sales, I have good knowledge of most things we sell, and own things from all the departments!

My favourite bits of gear' (at the moment) are my Gibson Sg Junior plugged into my Cornford harlequin, my Zildjian crash of doom, hit with anything! My Tobias five string bass, my Genelec 8030 studio monitors and my Taylor GC4 acoustic.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Mark Ferguson

Yamaha Pulse Product Sales Expert

I've been working in the music retail industry for 23 years, so if you need any advice on home recording, synthesizers and electronic drums, pop into the Yamaha Pulse Centre at PMT Norwich.
Joe Russell

Joe Russell

Drum & Percussion Specialist

Session Drummer

What was your first instrument? Anything I could hit with my hands and face!
Favourite guitar pedal? Mapex Falcon Direct Double-Drive pedal! It’s smoother than James Brown at a Playboy mansion party.
Your favourite gear that you constantly use? Shure’s SE 425 dual driver in-ear monitors. I can’t gig without them!
Musical weapon of choice? My beloved 14X6.5 Natal Aluminium snare drum. It does everything – and more...
Favourite album: ‘Ten’ by Pearl Jam.
What are your three favourite brands in PMT Norwich? Natal, Tama and Mapex. The Three Kings of Drums.
Guilty pleasure...? Who doesn’t love a bit of ABBA?
Jim McCan

Jim McCann

Hi-Tech Specialist

Tell us a bit about your musical background: I played guitar in bands for 15 years - I even smashed drums a few times! But then I got into studio engineering.
Favourite all-time film? For A Few Dollars More - a classic Clint Eastwood Western!
The top 3 gigs you’ve ever been to: Pearl Jam (Hyde Park Calling, 2010), Bruce Springsteen (Olympic Stadium, 2013) and the Beastie Boys (Brixton Academy, 1998).
Three artists/bands that have influenced me in music: Alice in Chains, Fugazi, Pearl Jam.
What was the first CD you ever bought? Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Current favourite amp/pedal? Marshall JVM410/Electro Harmonix Small Clone.
Favourite quote from which movie? “I offered to help you, you refused to take our money, then I said, 'I guess you're really up sh*t creek.’” - Blues Brothers
Luke Holliday

Luke Holliday

Guitar Expert


What was your first instrument? A vintage Stratocaster copy in emerald green (hideous!).
Favourite South Park episode? Oh yes! Has to be: Make Love, Not Warcraft. “You can’t give the sword of a thousands truths to a noob!”
Musical weapon of choice? My PRS Singlecut Satin! BEAST!
Favourite all-time film? Pulp Fiction. Classic cult movie.
What are your three favourite brand? PRS, Hughes & Kettner and Blackstar.
What fillings are in your perfect sandwich? The BBC: Bacon, Brie and Cranberry! End of.

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