NAMM Show 2016

The PMT Boyz will be filming at The NAMM Show 2016 to bring you direct footage of the gear coming out this year, so keep your eyes peeled on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel to see our exclusive NAMM videos. See all NAMM 2016 releases here.

NAMM 2016 Releases:

Arturia MatrixBrute

The release of the Arturia MatrixBrute has got everyone very excited! The 49-key monophonic/ duophonic synthesizer features three Brute oscillators, a Steiner-Parker filter and a ladder filter, three extra-fast envelopes, analog fx and an incredible modulation matrix... are you salivating yet?

Strymon Zuma, Ojai Power Supply & Generalissimo

Strymon have released some exciting new gear for guitarists at NAMM 2016, including the highest-powered pedal power suppliers we've ever seen and the very exciting Generalissimo, which is still in it's prototype phase. P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for Strymon's pedal monsters!

Schaffer-Vega Wireless System Replica: SoloDallas Storm Pedal

AC/DC super-fan Fil Olivieri is the founder of SoloDallas and has spent years trying to replicate the striking “Back in Black” guitar tones of AC/DC’s Angus Young. After years of extensive research, Oliveiri, with a blessing from Ken Schaffer, creator of the Schaffer-Vega wireless system, has managed to recreate the legendary guitar tone within the SoloDallas Storm Pedal. Watch our exclusive video with Olivieri:

ZOOM ARQ Aero Rhythmtrack

Is it a drum machine? Is it a sequencer? Is it a looper? Is it a bluetooth controller? Well yes, it's all of those things and much more. The ZOOM ARQ Aero Rhythmtrack will be coming soon to a PMT store near you.

Jim Dunlop, MXR & Way Huge Guitar Pedals

Make angels weep, wahs squeal and transmit sonic waves to aliens with the latest fx pedals from Jim Dunlop, MXR and Way Huge released at NAMM 2016. Available at your local PMT Store soon!

VOX Analog Valve Series

The new AV (Analog Valve) Series guitar amps from VOX gives players a full pallet of authentic amplifier sounds via eight, all-analog pre-amp circuits, and feature a true analog circuit design based on the classic 12AX7 tube, which lends classic, harmonically rich tones to these new amps from VOX. Pre-order a VOX AV amplifier here.

KORG Micro Range 2016

New for 2016, KORG has released the KORG Micro range, which has been designed to use specifically with iOS or Android devices. In the KORG Micro range is the NanoKontrol Studio, which is a MIDI controller that you can use via USB or wirelessly and it's the perfect size for intuitively controlling your music. The NanoKEY Studio, a mobile MIDI keyboard, works with the NanoKontrol studio, giving you the means to create music on the go with your mobile phone.

KORG PA4X Professional Arranger

The PA4X is the most powerful professional arranger made to date by KORG, featuring an all-new EDS-X sound engine to deliver unprecedented realism and highly detailed sounds, KORG’s exclusive Defined Nuance Control that provides highly-articulate solo instruments, plus there are tons of new instruments and drum kits, along with a massive infusion of Styles to cover a world of musical genres within the PA4X.

Electro-Harmonix NAMM 2016 Releases

Electro-Harmonix released three new guitar pedals at NAMM 2016: the 720 Stereo Looper Recording Looper, Crayon Full-Range Overdrive (76) and Soul POG Multi Effect: Nano POG + Soul Food, and we got to have a listen of them all at the Show:

Pre-order the latest fx pedals from EHX here.

Hotone 2016 Releases

We got an exclusive look at the latest new guitar pedals and effects from Hotone at NAMM 2016, including the new Krush, Ravo MP10 multi-effects unit and Harmony Pedal.

Yamaha Montage Synthesizer

The Yamaha Montage 8 synth is the most powerful synth from Yamaha to date, offering double the amount of fx and polyphony that's currently available in the popular Motif synthesizers. This is all thanks to two high-end sound engines, which will allow users to layer up soundscapes like never before. The Montage may look a little intimating at first, but Yamaha have spent a long time creating a synth that is both flexible and user friendly thanks to the on-board computer screen and dynamically controlled user interface. Plus, the Montage also features fully-weighted hammer action keys, a great bonus! The Yamaha Montage is available to pre-order in 88-key, 76-key or 61-key now.

Yamaha DTX Drum Kits

Yamaha's DTX electric drum range is still going strong with new kits being released at NAMM, featuring improved drum sounds and playability. Starting at the low-end of the new DTX range, the DTX720K is ideal for intermediate players looking for a very responsive electric drum kit with realist drum sounds. In the middle is the DTX760K, with it's very clever drum brain holding approximately 1396 hyper realistic drum sounds. And last but not least, Yamaha’s premium electronic drum set, the DTX920K, is a highly sophisticated drum module featuring 50 drum kits and over 1500 hyper real drum sounds. Pre-order any of the new Yamaha DTX kits here.

Yamaha 800 Series Guitars

Yamaha acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars are renowned for their playabilty, dependability and of course their reasonable price tag, which why we think the new Yamaha 800 Series will be a very a popular choice for beginners as well as seasoned pros. There's plenty of different models to choose from and they are all available to pre-order here.

Shure SM58 50th Anniversary Microphone

The best selling vocal mic in the history of music, the Shure SM58, is now 50 years old! The SM58 is one of the the most rugged and reliable microphones available on the market, and we discuss the SM58 50th Anniversary microphone at NAMM 2016.

Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Stage Amplifier

The Firehawk Stage Amp may actually be the loudest guitar amplifier on the market, packing a monsterous 1500-watts output in a 6-speaker guitar combo amp! The Firehawk isn't all about volume though, as it also features Line 6's award-winning tone and access to a huge collection of HD/XT amps, cabs and effects, making it perfect for any gigging guitarist. Take a look at all the Line 6 releases here.

Firehawk 1500 Amp

Laney GHR Amplifiers

Laney have POWERED through NAMM 2016 with their release of the new GHR amp series. The new Laney GHR heads and combo allow guitarists to have complete control over the two fundamental aspects of great guitar tone: the front end pre-amp tube distortion and output tube distortion. Because these two aspect can be controlled, guitarists will be able to hone in on the best possible tone for their rig. Pre-order the Laney GHR range here.

Laney GHR Amps

Marshall CODE Amplifiers

Marshall Amps have once again reinvented themselves with their new generation of guitar amps: the CODE series. The CODE combos, cab and head are perfect for gigging musicians that want to access classic Marshall tones, such as the JTM45 2245, 1962 Bluesbreaker JCM2000 and more, plus you can even select different valve voices. The Marshall modelling amps also look seriously cool, sound as authentic as the real thing and come at a surprisingly low price too. Pre-order a Marshall CODE amplifier here.

Fender Guitars 2016

The Fender Elite and Fender Special Telecaster and Stratocaster models are everything you'd want from a high-end Fender guitar; made in America, noiseless pickups (Elite models only), and of course amazing classic tone and gorgeous design. You can order your new 2016 Fender guitar here or check 'em out now in your local PMT Store.

The Fender Paramount acoustic guitar range have been designed with the professional musician in mind. These all solid guitars come with Fishman pre-amps and your very own humidifier to keep your guitar in perfect condition all year round - FTW!

Fender Bassbreaker Amplifiers

Roland 2016 Releases

Just landed from Roland! The Roland JC-01 Jazz Chorus Bluetooth Audio Speaker, Roland A-01 MIDI Controller and Sound Generator and the Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Amplifier in Black or Vintage Blonde. And last but not least, the Roland SYSTEM-500 Complete Set Modular Synthesizer. We're expecting big things from the SYSTEM-500, as it has to top the JXDA that was released at NAMM last year. A complete analog modular synthesizer with multiple oscillators, filters and effects, we think it just might...

BOSS VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato

One of BOSS's most rare and sought-after pedals, the VB-2 Vibrato, has been remade in the form of a Waza Craft pedal and will be landing to our stores this year. The VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato boasts to be even better than the original, offering an entirely new setting, plus expression pedal input to control the depth of the effect. Pre-order here.

Roland FP-30 Portable Digital Piano

Boss VO-1 Vocoder Pedal

Boss Ultimate Blues Capsule, Blues Cube Hot, Waza Craft Vibrato

Boss Bass Compressor Pedal

See all the NAMM 2016 releases from Roland here.

DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator & Looper

The DigiTech Trio caused quite the stir last year, and we're sure the new and improved DigiTech Trio+ will top the original (see our Trio VS. Trio+ blog here). The main new feature of the Trio+ is a fully featured looper section, which, like other loopers, allows you to create unlimited overdubs. Imagine the possibilities! Available to pre-order now.

Orange Amps NAMM 2016

Orange amps have brought out an array of new products at NAMM 2016, includining the Orange O Bass 4-String Electric Bass Guitar in Black, Orange and Sunburst finishes, the tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Half Stack, the 4 Stroke 300 and 500 Bass Amp Head, OB1-300 Bass Combo, Detonator Amp Switcher and Two Stroke Boos EQ pedal. See all Orange Amps 2016 Releases here.

PRS Guitars 2016 Models

Brian from PRS Guitars talks about the new PRS 2016 models and the 20th anniversary of the very special Private Stock guitars at the NAMM Show 2016, plus we discuss a rumour about John Mayer too...

ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 MIDI Controller

The acclaimed SeaboardRISE is now available as a 49-keywave controller with a four-octave playing surface. We could talk about the special features of this fantastic piece of kit for hours - however hearing is believing with the Seaboard RISE 49, so check out the video! Available to pre-order now.

New D'Addario Strings for 2016

Bassists, rejoice! The extremely popular D'Addario NYXL strings are now available for your bass guitar and they're versitle, responsive and perfect for bass players of any genre. Plus, D'Addario have also released new Nickel Bronze acoustic guitar strings, which have been designed so you can get the most out of your guitar tone. Take a look at all D'Addario guitar strings at PMT here.

QSC E Series Entertainment System

The QSC E Series Entertainment System was released at NAMM 2016 The latest PA system from QSC features an advanced digital signal process that is able to support a variety of applications, including live sound reinforcement (with and without subwoofers), stage monitoring, dance music and karaoke. It's also super easy and fast to set up too, making it perfect for events and venues. Coming soon to a PMT Store near you.

Korg minilogue Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

The Korg minilogue was released last week and has had everybody talking! The powerful four-voice analog synthesizer has loads of amazing features and comes at a killer price point, making it every synth geek’s essential purchase for 2016. Available to pre-order at PMT now.

See all of the Korg releases from NAMM 2016 here.

Pioneer CDJ2000 Tie Fighter and Millenium Falcon

Yup! Exactly what it says on the Tynnan. Pre-order the new Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 here.