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  • Gaz Chapman

    Garry 'Gazza' Chapman

    Store Director

    Even 38 years in the business hasn’t quelled my enthusiasm! I still get excited opening a guitar case to see what’s inside, hearing about the new developments in high tech still astound me and every day I’m happy to see new and old customers to the store. I’ve also been honoured to have served many stars over the years, from the Sex Pistols to Black Sabbath, Duran Duran to Take That, Slade to Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin to Oasis. One of my favourite moment has to be Tony Iommi bringing Eddie Van Halen into the store to borrow a guitar so they can have a ‘jam’ - luckily we had a Music Man EVH signature guitar which we lent him and of course he obliged with a signature on the guitar in return! Or what about selling Robert Plant a ‘Learn to play Led Zep’ DVD? My wealth of knowledge and experience gathered from the last four decades have brought me a multitude of loyal customers (to which I’m extremely grateful), so if you have any questions on old or new gear then please feel free to ask for me in-store.

  • Neil Fred Thomas

    Neil ‘Fred’ Thomas

    Store Manger

    What are the top 3 gigs you’ve ever been to? Queen’s ‘Crazy’ tour in 1979, Heavy Metal Holocaust at Port Vale FC in 1982 and Budgie at Kings Hall in 1982.
    Your favourite gear that you constantly use? My Jaydee Hooligan ‘84 guitar. Vintage guitars are a specialty of mine!
    Favourite quote from which movie? “O’ pointy birds, o’ pointy pointy. Anoint my head, anointy-nointy” - The Man with Two Brains (1983).
    Who are three people or bands who have highly influenced you in music? Queen, Tony Macalpine and Seal.
    What are your three favourite brands at PMT Birmingham? Fender, PRS and BOSS. These brands have remained firm favourites during my time working for PMT, Sound Control and the Academy of Sound!
    Most embarrassing gig story? Getting my hair stuck in my guitar strings whilst playing it behind my head...

  • Andy Ternan

    Guitars, Studio & Hi Tech Specialist

    Want any advice on guitars, keyboards, Hi-Tech products or need help setting up your own studio? Come and see me! I have been playing in bands for over 15 years and I’ve worked in the music industry for nine years – three of which I worked for Yamaha Music but have now passed the torch. I dabble in most instruments; I’m one of those ‘Jack of all trades, master of absolutely nothing!’

    I have knowledge in most areas but specialise in Hi-Tech products. Whatever you need help with, it's never a problem!

  • Neil Price

    Hi Tech Sales Expert

    Hi Everyone - I look after the Hi Tech department at PMT Birmingham. If you need advice on keyboards, recording software computer interfaces or setting up your first home studio then pop down to Professional Music Technology and come and get some good, understandable advice.

    I've been working at PMT Birmingham for the best part of ten years and play keyboards,guitar, bass, also been a part of the music business for the last 20 years.

    We also do some fantastic finance packages at PMT Birmingham which are interest free. I look forward to seeing and helping you with all your Hi Tech needs.

  • Chris ‘Metal’ Dawes

    Chris ‘Metal’ Dawes

    Guitar and Amplification Specialist

    I’ve been with Professional Music Technology in Birmingham for 7 years now and I am always on-hand to help you select your new or latest guitar and sort out your complete rig. Although I am the Marshall Amps brand specialist in store, I do also have extensive knowledge of all the guitar amplification brands we stock - so feel free to ask me for help and advice. My brands of choice are BC Rich & Marshall. Away from work I love all things metal, drinking, DIY, festivals, fast cars and of course fast women. If you have a desire to play guitar and a love for all things metal come and see me at PMT Birmingham!

  • Ian Wills

    Ian Wills

    Senior Guitar Specialist

    Band: Pure Purple

    What was your first instrument? An acoustic guitar when I was five! *awh*
    Musical weapon of choice? The super versatile Fender Stratocaster. It’s got to be from the 70’s though! I have four amongst many other guitars myself.
    Favourite horror film? Salem’s Lot. It’s awesome and from the master of horror, Stephen King!
    What are your three favourite brands in the shop? Fender, Marshall and Ernie Ball. The Rock Trio!
    If you could jam with any of your music heroes (dead or alive), who would it be? Jimi Hendrix, Steve Lukather and Yngwie Malmsteen.
    What’s the best thing about working at PMT? Meeting people! We have the best customers, and you might even recognize some of them (Steven Segal… Robert Plant… to name a few!).

  • Sean Cunningham

    Sean Cunningham

    Acoustic Guitar Specialist

    I’m Sean and I have been playing guitar for around 20 years now, so I have a lot of experience on offer when it comes to strings and things. I run the acoustic guitar department here at PMT Birmingham and I can help you make the right choice when purchasing your new pride and joy! I love Martin and Taylor guitars and own eight guitars in my personal collection. Outside of the store I spend most of my free time playing in bands and recording, so definitely some and see me if you need any advice at all if you’re gigging too.

    I’m always in the Birmingham store to help you choose the right guitar, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Isn’t it about time you came down to the best store in town?

  • Jamie Downes

    Jamie Downes

    Bass Guitar Specialist

    Hi, my name's Jamie and I’m the bass guitar specialist at PMT Birmingham. I've been playing bass and guitar for ten years and have been active on the UK's live music scene for eight years while teaching bass and guitar in my spare time. Some of my favourite basses include models from Fender, Sandberg and Musicman and I absolutely love TC Electronic and Orange bass amps. Whether you need a starter kit or a stadium-sized bass rig, we'll find the right equipment for you at the Birmingham music shop, no sweat!

  • Dave Patterson

    Dave Patterson

    Guitar, Bass and Amplifier Specialist

    I am a guitar, bass and amplifier specialist based at the Birmingham PMT store. I am also a semi-professional guitarist and sound engineer in my free time. I pride myself in helping people find the right equipment for their needs, and helping musicians find the right tone with my wide range of experience and knowledge in the field.

    I am generally quite friendly and haven't eaten anyone within the past three years during my time at PMT. So please feel free to pop into the store and ask me any questions regarding any guitar, bass, PA or audio equipment, which I am more than happy to demonstrate for you.

    We don't just sell gear at PMT Birmingham; we pride ourselves on our advice, customer service, and passion to help other musicians find the right equipment. We will help you get your head around how to use all those little fancy gadgets we sell. We also price match (or beat) our competitors, so come and see me in store and discuss a deal.

  • Ed Nicholls

    Ed Nicholls

    Drum Specialist

    I am a newbie to the Drum department in the Birmingham music shop and I love working with and trying out all the latest gear and gizmos! I have been drumming for 13 years now and have used a few different kits in my time.

    Working at PMT, I get to meet some great people and talk about drums to them! Working in the drum shop has shown me that playing drums isn’t about who can play the hardest, it's about using your kit to the best of its ability! From jazz to metal, I listen to and play a range of music styles – so if it works, I'll listen to it!

    One of the best things about working here is helping people find solutions to their drumming problems and digging around for that one piece of gear that makes the kit. I love helping people find their first kit and helping them progress in their playing. I take pride in making the drum showroom the best it can be and creating impressive displays with the best gear so if you want to pop in to talk drums then you’re more than welcome!

  • Lee Harper

    Lee Harper

    Yamaha Pulse, Hi-Tech & PA Specialist

    Hi! I'm Lee. I have knowledge in all musical departments within the store but I specialise in Hi-Tech and Pro Audio equipment at PMT Birmingham. If you ever need advice on any Yamaha product, whether you want to get something new, wondering how to get the most out of your old gear, or if you need help setting up your own studio, come over to me and I’ll help you out. I have been playing in bands for well over 20 years and have worked non-stop in the music industry for around 18 years, so whatever you need help with, come and have a chat with me.

  • Grant Woodhouse

    Grant Woodhouse

    Guitar Specialist

    I’m a part of the guitar team at PMT Birmingham. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7 and I’m on hand to help with your weapon of choice, be it an electric, acoustic or bass guitar, or an amp to put it through or even some effects to enhance your sound. With more than 20 years of experience in music retail I’m sure I can help you find the tone you’re looking for.

  • James Roberts

    James Roberts

    PA Specialist

    Your favourite gear that you constantly use? My Strymon Timeline and Friedman Brown Eye.
    What was the first CD you ever bought? The Lost Boys soundtrack. It’s my favourite film too!
    In your opinion, the best all-time album is...? Telly Savallas, ‘ Some Broken Hearts’.
    What would be your absolute dream guitar? Gretsch White Falcon.
    What were the last three gigs you went to? 30 Seconds To Mars, Pearl Jam and Alice Cooper.
    What fillings are in your perfect sandwich? Turkey, ham, Swiss cheese and powdered sugar.

  • Amy Allison

    Amy Allison

    Piano & Keyboard Specialist

    Solo pianist & piano teacher

    What was your first instrument? Piano, of course!
    Your favourite gear that you constantly use? Roland FP80 in white.
    What was the first CD you ever bought? Ace of Base, 'Happy Nation'.
    < What would be your absolute dream keys to work? The Roland V-Grand piano in white.
    What’s the best thing about working at PMT? The constant and immense craic!

  • Marcus Perks

    Marcus Perks

    Resident Drum Nerd & Tuning Guru

    Band: Youth Man

    Your favourite gear that you constantly use? My favourite piece of equipment is my Ludwig Acrolite snare. It’s so versatile that I use it for everything. I also love my vintage Sonor Phonic kit, but I save that for special occasions and recording - it was made in 1976!
    What is the coolest gig you have ever played? My band recently played Afropunk festival in Paris. That was pretty cool. We’re also playing a load of festivals this year, including Reading and Leeds and Montreux Jazz festival - that should be wicked!
    Who are three people or bands who have highly influenced you in music? My top three drummers are Tony Williams, Mitch Mitchell and John Densmore. If I could sneak in a fourth, I'd add D.H Peligro from the Dead Kennedys.
    If you could jam with any of your music heroes (dead or alive), who would it be? I think it would be awesome to jam with Josh Homme. Or Miles Davis... Or both. I'd have Jesse Keeler from Death From Above 1979 on Bass too. That would sound nuts!

  • Aaron Hopper

    Aaron Hopper

    Guitar Expert

    Bands: Down We Fall and The Aaron Hopper Trio

    What was your first instrument? Guitar first, then drums and piano.
    Musical weapon of choice? Fender Telecaster or Taylor 214.
    What is the coolest gig you have ever played? Living my childhood dream playing at The Cavern club in Liverpool.
    In your opinion, the best album of all-time is...? 'Continuum' by John Mayer.

  • Daniel Fenton

    Daniel Fenton

    Guitar & Pedal Expert

    Band: The Always

    What are the top 3 gigs you’ve ever been to? The Foo Fighters at Wembley, Xavier Rudd Sundowner Session in 2015 and pretty much the whole of Leeds Festival 2012.
    First song you learned all the words to? ‘Always’ by Bon Jovi at the age of 2. There’s video evidence of it too!
    Current favorite FX pedal? The Strymon DIG. Don’t let its pink exterior fool you.
    What is the coolest gig you have ever played? When the Academy 2 sold out in Birmingham on my first tour.
    The one piece of equipment you cannot live without? I don't go to a show without my Fender ‘72 Tele Deluxe.
    First instrument that you learned to play? I actually learn to play drums first – until I became too loud for the house! I then switched to guitar.

Reasons to Visit PMT Birmingham

Roland Planet at PMT Birmingham
PMT Birmingham is home to Birmingham's only Roland Planet with on-site specialist, housing a broad range of gear that’s wired up and ready to be played. Try the latest Roland products and receive practical advice about your Roland gear.
Yamaha Pulse at PMT Birmingham
Our Yamaha Pulse Centre is home to a range of synths and stage pianos that are available to try in store, including the MOX and Motif series, along with an impressive range of Music Production gear. Our in-store specialist is on hand to answer your questions
Click on the map to see more information about your closest PMT Store

PMT MEGA SALE NOW ON! - Click here for more info!

Welcome to PMT Birmingham Guitar Shop & Music Store, also known as 'The House of Rock'.

Birmingham is the flagship store of the UK's largest award winning music retailer PMT, with over 14,000 sq ft filled to the rafters of the world's top brands all in a 'Rock n Roll' theatre that typifies PMT.

At PMT Birmingham Store you will not only find the best deals and best service, but a shopping experience of a lifetime, just ask some of our customers... Robert Plant, Noel Gallagher, Stereophonics, The Tin Tins, Radiohead, Joe Satrianni, Yngwie Malmstien, The Prodigy, Tony Iommi and so many more, we could fill the screen with a who's who.

Also many successful companies and faculties around Birmingham, like Madhouse Rehearsal Rooms, Robannas, Rich Bitch, The Asylum, South Birmingham College, Burton Performing Arts College scores of churches and schools around the Midlands! Why? Because they not only want the best deals but a music shop with the service, stability and reputation they can rely on.

At PMT Birmingham we encourage you to personally visit our music store so we can discuss your requirements face to face and demonstrate the products of your choice to the full. This 'back to basics' approach to making your choice ensures that we are able to offer you the best possible advice and guidance in finding the right product most suited to your requirements and skills.

So whether you need an Guitar Shop, a Drum Store or any kind of Musical Instruments, PMT Birmingham is your one stop solution you can trust.

  • Open 7 days a week including most Bank Holidays
  • 14000 sq ft Showroom with free on-site parking and refreshments cafe
  • Only 10 minutes walk from Birmingham City Centre and the train stations
  • Dedicated sound booths and stage area for live performance
  • Clearance bargains, in-store exclusive offers and part exchange service
  • Finance options available for all products over £299 - decision while you wait
  • On-site Guitar Technician and Amp Technician for repairs and servicing

PMT Birmingham now houses the new premier lighting centre in our superstore that not only has all the lighting equipment you could dream of, but the in-store experts to provide you with quality advice to ensure you get what you need! So if you’re a local DJ that wants to update your lighting rig for parties and weddings, a band desiring to up-the-ante at gigs or event a nightclub or bar owner looking to give your club some extra ambience, PMT Lighting will help you create the amazing light display you need to bring your events to life.

There are also guitar, drum and music tech events held at the Birmingham Music Shop. See what’s happening at your local PMT Store here.