Zildjian 10" FX Stack with Cymbolt Mount
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Zildjian 10" FX Stack with Cymbolt Mount Zildjian 10&quot Zildjian 10&quot

Zildjian 10" FX Stack Pair w/Mount

The Zildjian 10” FX Stack Pair comes complete with an exclusive Cymbolt mount to provide drummers with the option to instantly switch up t..

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The Zildjian 10” FX Stack Pair comes complete with an exclusive Cymbolt mount to provide drummers with the option to instantly switch up their stack sound. Use the cymbal pair in a stack position or switch them to a traditional hi-hat set up for an instant change of tone.

Adaptable Stack

The Zildjian FX Stack series is a unique innovative line of cymbals designed to offer drummers the option to add some exotic tone and character to their setup.

The main feature of the FX Stack range is the versatility it offers, allowing drummers to explore a variety of tone by adapting the sound of the stack using the exclusive Cymbolt mount.

Get ready to explore a range of sound from one versatile cymbal pair!

Zildjian 10” FX Stack Pair Key Features:

  • Rounded Hole Patterned Top Cymbal
  • Cold Rolled Steel Bottom Cymbal with Flattened Lip
  • Bright, Fast Cutting Sound
  • Trashy and Raw Tone
  • Exclusive Cymbolt Mount
  • Available in Various Sizes

Hole Patterned Top

The Zildjian FX Stack features a rounded hole patterned top cymbal to create a short, trashy hand clap tone.

The top cymbal is constructed from Zildjian’s proprietary alloy found in their low volume cymbals, which serves to aid the short, sharp nature of the stack sound.

In addition to creating a unique tone, the hole patterned top also delivers a striking aesthetic for a stack that looks as impressive as it sounds.

Rolled Steel Bottom

Combining two different alloys, the bottom cymbal is constructed from cold rolled mild steel.

The bottom cymbal also features a flattened lip which enables easy stacking of the two cymbals in either a hi-hat or cup side up stack.

The use of two different alloys in the stack serves to create a sound with a diverse range of tone.

Blending the characteristics of the steel bottom and the alloy top works to deliver a mix of trash and clap for a short flash of fx tone.

Exclusive Cymbolt

One of the key features of the Zildjian FX Stack is the inclusion of the exclusive Cymbolt mount.

The Cymbolt mount has been designed to be long enough to accommodate setting the cymbals up in a hi-hat set up or as a stack, and is threaded all the way along for easy adjustment and mounting.

The FX stack can also be mounted on a hi-hat stand using a standard clutch.

Allowing you to easily transition from a stack to a traditional hi-hat, the Zildjian FX Stack combined with the Cymbolt device ensures a quick and easy adaption of sound.

Raw Cutting Trashy Tone

Offering a superb way to add a new creative sound option to your cymbal set up, the Zildjian FX Stack provides versatile, adaptable tone to help embellish your playing.

The ability to switch up this stack configuration makes it a great way to add a range of tone to your setup from one compact cymbal pair.

Setting the stack up in a hi-hat formation creates a bright, cutting sound ideal for adding intricate accents to your playing.

Alternatively, you can set the stack up with both cymbals cup side up to offer a quick, hand clap style sound filled with short, sharp blasts of trashy, raw tone.

Having the ability to quickly change up your sound mid gig, rehearsal or when recording makes the Zildjian 10” FX Stack a superb option for those looking to diversify their sound.

Washy Wingnut

In addition to being able to switch up the stack configuration, you can also use the Cymbolt wingnut to adapt the overall tone of the setup with ease.

Simply loosen or tighten the wingnut to change the overall sound, from tight and quick to open and washy you have a range of easily available options.

Tightening the wingnut creates a shorter, shaper, more staccato sound, while loosening the wingnut provides a more washy sound with a slightly longer sustain.

Select Your Size

The Zildjian FX Stack comes in a range of sizes from 8” – 16” allowing you to select the exact pitch that you require.

The smaller the stack diameter the higher the sound with the pitch gradually reducing the larger the cymbals become.

From the short sharp higher pitch of the 8” FX Stack to the lower full pitch of the 16” FX Stack, there’s a sound to meet all preferences.


Providing a great way to push your creativity and extend your sound palette, the Zildjian 10” FX Stack delivers a superb range of easily adaptable tone.

The ability to switch up the configuration from a standard hi-hat to a stack allows for an instant change of tone, while the included Cymbolt mount adds further degrees of adjustment using the wingnut.

From short, sharp, hi-hat cut to raw, trashy stack tone the 10” FX Stack provides a superb way to add a new versatile range of sound to your setup in one compact cymbal pair.

For an easily adjustable versatile range of tone, grab the Zildjian 10” FX Stack today from PMT Online!

Zildjian 10” FX Stack Pair with Mount Specifications:

  • High Pitch
  • Bright Sound
  • Short Sustain
  • Thin Weight



Weight (kg)2.0000
Cymbal Seriesfx series
Cymbal Typestack

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