Yamaha Jrbrock Recording Custom Real Wood Shell Pack
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Yamaha Rock Recording Custom Real Wood Shell Pack

by Yamaha
When it comes to iconic studio drum kit sound, Yamaha's Recording Custom lineup is tough to beat. These kits are widely regarded as the most..

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When it comes to iconic studio drum kit sound, Yamaha's Recording Custom lineup is tough to beat. These kits are widely regarded as the most recorded drum kits ever made, and deliver an incredible performance every time.

With the Yamaha Rock Recording Custom Real Wood Shell Pack you get a modern re-design of the classic Recording Custom setup. This four-piece shell pack sports a gorgeous Real Wood finish, and was developed alongside drumming legend Steve Gadd.

Yamaha Rock Recording Custom Real Wood Shell Pack Highlights

  • Premium-grade 4-piece shell pack from the iconic Yamaha Recording Custom lineup
  • Re-design of the most recorded drum kit in history
  • Classic Recording Custom sound enhanced
  • Produces a focused rich, warm, and pronounced tone
  • Easy to use and tune
  • Designed by Yamaha and legendary drummer Steve Gadd
  • Includes Y.E.S.S. Tom holder
  • Finance options available

The Ultimate Studio Recording Drum Kit

As the original Recording Custom drum kits were specially designed for use in the studio, it's only natural that these re-designed kits have evolved to match the modern studio environment.

These new Recording Custom kits are ideal for using modern recording technology and techniques on, but it's worth noting that they're also incredible for live performances.

Steve Gadd Approved

Legendary drum performers Steve Gadd has worked alongside some of the biggest names in music - including Paul McCartney, Eric Claptop, and Paul Simon - so it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about drumkits.

For the new Recording Custom drum kits, Gadd aided Yamaha's top drum designers and R&D team over the course of three years.

Throughout this time, many different construction techniques were used with different plywoods, until both Yamaha and Steve discovered the perfect combination of both.

The end result is a fantastic drum kit that retains the same feel of the original Recording Custom lineup, but with a vastly improved sound that's perfect for the modern drummer.

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Pack Includes

  • 22” x 18” Kick Drum
  • 10" x 7" Tom
  • 12" x 8" Tom
  • 16" x 15" Floor Tom
  • Y.E.S.S Tom Holder

Please Note: This product is a shell pack ONLY. Snare, Cymbals and Hardware will need to be purchased separately.

Yamaha Rock Recording Custom Real Wood Shell Pack Specs

  • Lug: Newly designed Weighted High-tention Lug (One-piece)
  • Shell: 100% Birch 6ply (with inner Dark Brown paint)
  • Bearing Edge: 30 degree / R1.5
  • TT/FT Hoop: Triple Flange Hoop (Steel 1.6mm)
  • BD Hoop: Wood Hoop
  • TT/FT Head: Top: Remo US Coated Ambassador, Bottom: Remo US Clear Ambassador
  • BD Head: Front :Remo Smooth White PS3 with Yamaha Logo, Batter: Remo PS3 Coated (only 18" BD Remo Coated Ambassador)
  • Tom Mount: Y.E.S.S. System
  • FT Bracket: Open type
  • BD Leg: Convertible type


Weight (kg)20.0000
Bass Drum Size22" x 18"
Floor Tom Size12" x 8"
Rack Tom Size10" x 7"
Shell Count4 piece kit
Shell Materialbirch

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