Yamaha Premium Centre

Welcome to the first of its kind in the world - the Yamaha Premium Centre.

What is the Yamaha Premium Centre?

The Yamaha Premium Centre is a store within a store, an exclusive experience completely dedicated to Yamaha music products at Professional Music Technology stores.

The main features that make the Yamaha Premium Centre so unique include the full range of Yamaha products that are showcased all year round, our dedicated Yamaha Insider, the Live Hub and the exclusive products and events that are only available at the Yamaha Premium Centre.

Where is the Yamaha Premium Centre?

The first Yamaha Premium Centre in the world is based in PMT Birmingham, which is home to the latest and greatest musical instruments and equipment. The Premium Centre is located across the entire mezzanine floor of the store.

What Yamaha products are available?

The full range of Yamaha products will always be showcased, all year round, at the Yamaha Premium Centre to fulfill the needs of all guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboard and piano players, music producers, DJs and live music venues.

So whether you want to...

  • Try the new TransAcoustic guitars
  • Browse the selection of Revstar electric guitars
  • Take a look at the Line 6 amps and guitar processors
  • Decide between a DTX electronic drum kit or an acoustic Yamaha drum kit
  • Find out which Yamaha PA system is best for your event or venue
  • Have a shootout with Yamaha's top-rated studio monitors
  • Or, try your hand at all the fantastic pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers from Yamaha, you can do this seven days a week at the Yamaha Premium Centre!

Plus, visitors coming to PMT Birmingham will have the opportunity to try out the Virtual Gadd! The Virtual Gadd transports you to a 360-degree virtual reality of Steve Gadd playing in the legendary Metropolis Studios in London, so you can experience him putting his drum kit through its paces, up close and personal. Just head over to the acoustic drum kit in the Yamaha Premium Centre and try out the only Virtual Gadd kit in the country.

There are also exclusive Premium Centre products that are only available to try at PMT Birmingham. Take a look at all Yamaha products at PMT.

What is a Yamaha Insider?

A Yamaha Insider is a member of staff that is solely dedicated to the Yamaha Premium Centre. The Yamaha Insider has received extensive training with Yamaha and knows everything you want to know about past, current, and even unreleased products and lines from Yamaha. It's definitely a person you want to make friends with if you want the inside information on what Yamaha is planning to release next! The Yamaha Insider is also more than happy to help you decide on what Yamaha product is the best fit for you, or even help you get the most out of a Yamaha product that you already own.

What is the Live Hub?

The Live Hub is where Yamaha will be hosting all their exclusive Premium Centre events. If you want to see the latest products being demonstrated, watch live streams from all over the world from Yamaha experts and engineering, or learn something new from a clinic or masterclass, they will be happening at the Live Hub in the Yamaha Premium Centre first.

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