Yamaha MODX8 Synthesizer
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Yamaha MODX8 Synthesizer

by Yamaha
The Yamaha MODX8 is a new 88 key synthesizer and acts as the flagship synth in the Yamaha MODX series. Flagship Yamaha MODX Synth With the ..

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The Yamaha MODX8 is a new 88 key synthesizer and acts as the flagship synth in the Yamaha MODX series.

Flagship Yamaha MODX Synth

With the introduction of the MODX synthesizers, Yamaha both honours and surpasses the hugely popular MOXF synthesizer range.

With a fantastic library of sounds, enhanced controls and amazing sound altering options packed into a lightweight, mobile design the Yamaha MODX8 gives you high-end features at a great price.

Yamaha MODX8 Synthesizer Key Features:

  • Motion Control Synthesis Engine
  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-Key Piano keyboard
  • Advanced Wave Memory 2 Sample/Synthesis Engine
  • FM-X Frequency Modulation Synthesis Technology
  • 7” LCD Touchscreen
  • 10,239 Arpeggios
  • Eight Arpeggio Parts Simultaneously
  • Multichannel USB Audio Interface, 2-In/10-Out

Awesome Technology

The Yamaha MODX8 uses the same Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) as found in the hugely popular Montage series giving you an extremely powerful sample and synthesis engine featuring eight elements and allowing for a huge maximum polyphony of 128.

This allows you to produce fantastic emulations of acoustic instruments as well as synth sounds and drums.

Yamaha’s MODX8 also features FM-X Frequency Modulation giving you unique and extremely expressive synthesis technology with 8 operators, 88 algorithms and a max polyphony of 64.

Allowing for dynamic sound with incredible depth while being highly programmable; the FM-X is ideal for modern electronic music creation.

Fantastic Control

With a Motion Control Synthesis engine and Super Knob combination, you can get the kind of sophisticated level of augmentation you expect from automation but in a dynamic, real-time live performance.

Furthermore, the Yamaha MODX8 also features a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key piano keyboard.

With the GHS keyboard, the keys in the higher register have a lighter touch and the touch gets heavier as you make your way down to the low end keys – just like when playing a real acoustic piano.

There are also numerous high quality faders, knobs and lit buttons giving you full control over your sound and effects.

Last but certainly not least is a large 7” LCD touchscreen for even greater control and speedy navigation of the settings you need.

Buy the Yamaha MODX8 from PMT Online today to be part of this new generation of awesome sounding, highly programmable and intuitive synths.

Yamaha MODX8 Synthesizer Specs:

  • Motion Control Synthesis Engine / Super Knob
  • AWM2: 8 Elements, 128 Polyphony (Max: Stereo/Mono Waveforms)
  • FM-X: 8 Operators, 88 Algorithms, 64 Polyphony (max)
  • LCD-Touchscreen 7”-Colour-Wide-VGA-TFT
  • Waveform-ROM 5.67 GB
  • 6,347 Waveforms in ROM
  • 1 GB Flash-ROM built-in
  • 640 User Performances
  • 5,120 Library Performances
  • 13 Dual Insert Effects (12 Parts + A/D Input)
  • Over 256 Preset Live Set Slots, 2,048 User & 2,048 Library Live Set Slots
  • 10,239 Arpeggios
  • Eight Arpeggio Parts simultaneously
  • Eight Scenes per Performance
  • Master keyboard functions for each Performance
  • Multichannel USB Audio Interface, 2-in/10-out


Weight (kg)15.0000
Number of Keys88 keys

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