Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit
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Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit

by Yamaha
The Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum kit offers fantastic performance with a newly developed 3-zone snare pad and real drum pedal action. Last..

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The Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum kit offers fantastic performance with a newly developed 3-zone snare pad and real drum pedal action.

Last Chance to Buy!

This fantastic drum kit is coming to the end of its run and we are down to our last few.

If you don’t want to miss out on owning this awesome electronic drum kit, then you must buy now to avoid disappointment.

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit Key Features:

  • 10 Built-In Drum Kits (All Editable)
  • Onboard Training Functions
  • Newly Developed Drum Pads
  • Large Cymbals
  • Professional Pedals
  • Compatible with Free DTX450 Touch App for iOS/Android

Top of the Yamaha DTX400 Series

As the flagship set in the Yamaha DTX400 electronic drum kit series, the DTX450K boasts some great features.

Chief among them is the newly developed TP70S snare pad which has 3-zones for fantastically detailed performance.

This kit also includes a KP65 kick pad and a FP6110A foot pedal for real bass drum pedal action.

From its highly responsive trigger pads and impressive sound library to its customisation options and expressiveness, the DTX450K offers incredible performance that goes way beyond what is expected from its modest price.

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit Includes:

  • 3 x Tom Pads
  • 1 x 3-Zone Snare Pad
  • 3 x Cymbal/Hi-Hat Pads
  • 1 x HH65 Hi-Hat Controller Pedal
  • 1 x KP65 Kick Pad
  • 1 x FP6110A Foot Pedal

Quality Construction

With over four decades of drum making experience, Yamaha knows a thing or to about what makes a great drum kit.

Applying that knowledge to the DTX series, the Yamaha DTX450 delivers solid durability with its steel rack system while the high quality pads have excellent response and feel – just the way it should be.

Great Customisation

The Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum kit module comes with ten different legendary drum kit sounds to choose from straight out of the box.

With this great selection of kits, you can quickly and easily switch over to a completely different kit to suit the style of music you wish to perform.

Yamaha DTX450K Built-In Drum Kits:

  • Maple Custom – Kit with a Maple Custom Absolute sound.
  • Oak Custom – Kit with an Oak Custom sound.
  • Hard Rock – Rock kit with a double bass drum.
  • Vintage – A seventies sounding kit.
  • Funk – Kit with a high-pitched snare.
  • Session – Dry sound kit with a deep snare.
  • Jazz – Ideal kit for jazz drumming.
  • R&B – Electronic sounding kit.
  • Marching – Ideal kit for marching music.
  • Percussion – Kit containing a range of percussion sounds.

Furthermore; you can really get the perfect sound for whatever your musical needs by mixing and matching the 169 built-in sounds so you can make your own, personally tailored kits for whatever style of music you want.

Yamaha DTX450K Voices:

  • Snares: 23
  • Kicks: 21
  • Toms: 36
  • Cymbals: 31
  • Hi-Hats: 16
  • Percussion: 42

Also, for added convenience and an innovative way to interact with your new electronic drum kit, the DTX450K is compatible with the free DTX450 Touch app.

Available for both iOS and Android, this awesome app allows you to easily customise your sound however you want all from the touchscreen of your phone, tablet or other compatible device.

Learn to Play Drums and Hone Your Skills

Whether you’re new and looking to learn how to play drums or you’re a seasoned drummer and want to keep your skillset sharpened, there’s a range of onboard training functions to help you.

Along with a metronome to help you perfect your timing, you’ll find 10 built-in songs to play along with.

Using the DTX 450 module’s Training Mode you gain access to some awesome training features with ten different types of training available helping you to work on your sense of rhythm, mastering drum patterns and performing in different genres.


Making the DTX450K even more versatile is its USB MIDI capabilities.

With a simple USB connection, you can connect the DTX450K drum module to your laptop or computer for use with a wide range of music programs such as Cubase, Logic, Reason and Ableton.

Awesome Electronic Drum Kit

A great quality electronic drum kit that is durable, provides great playing feel and awesome tones, the Yamaha DTX450K is perfect for anyone wanting to learn drums, perfect the skills or just enjoy playing drums on.

Supply is very limited and it’s your last chance to buy. Act now and order the Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum kit from PMT Online and missing out on owning this fantastic electric drum set.

Yamaha DTX450K Drum Module Specifications:

Tone Generator

  • Type: AWM2
  • Max. Polyphony: 32 Notes
  • Voices: Drums and Percussion – 169, Keyboard – 128
  • Drum Kits: 10 (all of which may be edited and overwritten)
  • Songs: 10
  • Reverb: 9 Types


  • Tempo: 30 – 300 BPM (Tap Tempo and Voice Guidance functions)
  • Beats: 1/4 to 9/4

Jacks and Terminals

  • Snare: Mini Stereo Audio
  • TOM1: Mini Mono Audio
  • TOM2: Mini Mono Audio
  • TOM3: Mini Mono Audio
  • RIDE: Mini Mono Audio
  • CRASH: Mini Mono Audio
  • HI-HAT: Mini Mono Audio
  • HI-HAT CTL: Mini Stereo Audio
  • KICK/PAD: Mini Stereo Audio
  • [USB TO HOST] Ports
  • [AUX IN] Jack: Mini Stereo Audio
  • PHONES/OUTPUT: Standard Stereo Audio
  • DC IN


  • Power Consumption: 5 W
  • Power Adapter: PA-130 or equivalent
  • Dimensions and Weight: 240mm x 188mm x 68mm, 0.5kg


Warranty2 years

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