Yamaha Recording Custom Snare Solid Black
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Yamaha 14x8 Recording Custom Birch Snare Solid Black

by Yamaha
The Yamaha 14 x 8” Recording Custom Birch Snare in Solid Black Finish features revamped lugs, Q Type Strainer and 6ply birch construction...

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The Yamaha 14 x 8” Recording Custom Birch Snare in Solid Black Finish features revamped lugs, Q Type Strainer and 6ply birch construction. The ideal studio snare!

Recording Custom Snare Drum

First introduced in 1975, Yamaha’s Recording Custom range of drums quickly became the choice of many top artists of the day including Steve Gadd and Cozy Powell.

Featuring a 100% birch shell, one-piece lugs and a stunning sprayed finish, the Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom went against the grain. At the time Maple was the most popular wood for drum shell construction, following the footsteps of the USA jazz drums era. Through their production of other musical instruments, particularly pianos, Yamaha realised birch would be an ideal drum building material.

They also used their knowledge of piano finishing to introduce the techniques to drum production, being the first to apply piano finishing technology to their drums. The result was a landmark product with a sound that was so well suited to studio situations that it has become the most recorded drum set in history!

The Recording Custom Snare has been released in two sizes - 14 x 5.5” for a wide tuning range and dynamic response and a 14 x 8” for extra depth and powerful tone. Both models are available in the four Recording Custom finishes.

Iconic History, Modern Perspective

Elevating the iconic Recording Custom Series to new heights, Yamaha have taken the basis of their well respected, legendary drum range and added new design elements to produce a modern take on an old classic.

Characterised by their refined focused sound with enhanced rounded and deeper tone, the new Recording Custom drums are easy to tune and are suited to any style of drumming.

The Recording Custom Snares provide a modern twist on a iconic classic.

One-Piece Lugs

The Yamaha Recording Custom Snares feature one-piece lugs with a revamped modern design. With a nod to the original lug design from the 1975 drums, the new Recording Custom lugs provide a modern aesthetic that benefits tone. The high-tension one-piece lugs ensure optimum sustain ensuring the core sound of the shell is allowed to resonant freely for a true production of tone. The result is a crisp, articulate sound with lots of focus.

6ply 100% Birch Shell

Birch is characterised by it’s boosted high frequencies and good low-end punch. In addition, birch shells are also known to reduce unwanted noise, preventing unwanted sympathetic interference from other drums.

The 6ply, 6mm thick shell of these 100% North American Birch shells have a unique sonic character. Each stroke is clearly defined ensuring every detail of playing is heard. That’s why they’re widely considered the ideal choice for recording situations.

The birch shells are finished with 30 degree bearing edges, in keeping with the Recording Custom Kits, for a warm, full, smooth sound. All the snares come with triple flanged hoops.

The deeper 8” shell provides a fatter, more powerful tone than the shallower 5.5” option, ideal for a vintage sound or a rock backbeat.

Q-Type Strainer

The updated Yamaha Recording Custom snares feature a heavy-duty Q type strainer that perfectly combines style and function. With a classy aesthetic the Q-Type snare throw off offers a solid, stable, smooth action. The robust design makes snare replacement and adjustment easy enabling you to dial in the ideal tone for any situation or style.

Solid Black Finish

Yamaha’s Recording Custom range has only ever had 4 finishes - Solid Black, Classic Walnut, Real Wood and Surf Green. A core stock of stunning colours offering drummers with a classy selection without being overwhelmed by too many options. This 14 x 8” Yamaha RBS1455 snare features a classic Solid Black finish for a classy aesthetic that perfectly contrasts with the chrome hardware.


If you want to add a snare drum to your arsenal that has a proven track record of popularity with professional drummers and amateurs alike, the updated Yamaha Recording Custom Snare is a superb choice. Featuring a modern take on its classic features, this North American Birch snare uses one-piece lugs, 6ply shell construction and Q-Type Strainer to create a snare that offers a wide tuning range and great dynamic response. With clear definition, fat powerful tone and superb sensitivity, this 14 x 8” Recording Custom snare has great sustain, beautiful warmth and a full overall sound perfect for studio recording. Its Solid Black finish adds style to substance with a classy look to perfectly complement a classic sound.

Please note, the snare in the image is the 14 x 5.5" model, however this product purchase page is definitely for the 14 x 8" model.

Yamaha 14 x 8” Recording Custom Birch Snare in Solid Black Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty Q-Type Strainer
  • Triple Flange Hoops
  • 6 Ply North American Birch Construction
  • 30 Degree Bearing Edges
  • Wide Tuning Range
  • Broad Dynamic Response
  • Classy Solid Black Finish


Weight (kg)5.0000

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