XLN Audio Addictive Keys Studio Collection
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XLN Audio Addictive Keys Studio Collection

XLN Audio Addictive Keys Studio Collection - Studio-Grade Key's Emulation Software With Three World-Class Virtual Instruments Owning th..

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XLN Audio Addictive Keys Studio Collection - Studio-Grade Key's Emulation Software With Three World-Class Virtual Instruments

Owning the correct software and VST's is paramount for all aspiring producers, but choosing the right fit for your sound can often be a long and costly process.  Now, thanks to XLN Audio, you can buy the Addictive Keys Studio Collection!  Not only do you get the famous Addictive Keys software, but within this collection you also get three world-class, professional-grade instruments to work with, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

World Class Instruments, Professional Effects, and Compatible with almost any DAW!

As well as featuring plenty of inspiring presets for you to play around with, the powerful sound engine within Addictive Keys gives you plenty of control over each instrument - you can even mix and match microphone placement setups, ensuring that the sounds you produce are to your liking.

The three professional-grade instruments that come as part of this package are the Studio Grand, Modern Upright, and Mark One, with each bringing their own incredible voices to the fore for you to play with.

Studio Grand

This world-renowned German Grand Piano was recorded in a large room with plenty of natural ambience, and recorded from both near and far perspectives.

  • Recorded in a large studio from six different perspectives
  • Warm tone enhanced by rare, vintage microphones
  • Perfect balance meets true resonance

Modern Upright

The Modern Upright features a tight and defined tone, with an airy ambience that makes it perfect for many situations.  You get seven different perspectives to choose from, which range from close to far - floor to soundboard - all of which come together to help you create your own unique piano sound.

  • Recorded in a large auditorium with medium decay
  • Recorded using rare vintage microphones, from seven different perspectives
  • Natural response and unique flexibility

Mark One

This classic electric piano is based on the famous Rhodes MK. 1 electric piano, has been played through a vintage tube combo amp, and recorded on a range of rare, vintage mic's for that classic Rhodes sound.

  • Rhodes Mk 1 Stage Piano
  • Classic and Intimate Sound
  • 7 Different Recording Perspectives

This powerful software package can be yours for a more-than-reasonable price.  In fact, if you were to buy these instruments individually from elsewhere, just one of them would cost you almost the same as this whole collection!  So why wait?  If you have any queries regarding the availability of this software collection, please feel free to contact our online sales team directly.

Please note that this is a physical item, so upon ordering you may need to wait for a few days before receiving your goods.


  • Features three world-class instruments
  • Produces a warm tone and unique sound
  • Fast loading and smart workflow
  • Mix and match microphone perspectives
  • High quality producer presets
  • Creative and professional effects



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